Advanced Mobile Photography team

Advanced Mobile Photography team

Advanced Mobile Photography team – November 1st, 2011


Instagramers is very glad to announce the recent launching of the Advanced Mobile Photography team (a.k.a @AMPt at Instagram)

@AMPt is a collective of mobile photography enthusiasts whose goal is to promote mobile photography and contribute to its growth and development.

Initially AMPt’s plans include the launch of its website and its @ampt account on Instagram, the mobile photography community through which the members came together.


The team is constituted of 25 founding members (see list below) who are based all over the world. They work in a variety of styles; each of which will be presented with examples of their work.  These publications will provide insight into their personal approach to this exciting new form of photography.

The team’s ambition is also to position itself as an information resource for emerging and established mobile photographers who want to find information and tutorials, along with opportunities to become involved in the group and receive exposure for their work. The team does not profess to be experts, although they do understand and promote the sharing of knowledge which in the end will benefit the whole mobile photography community.


What is AMPt Vision?


AMPt believes that mobile device photography is a tool for documentationand can be a legitimate avenue for artistic expression.


Which are their commitments?


– They strive to stretch their imagination and generate original thought, explore new territory in development of mobile device imaging, all the while taking a closer look at ourselves and the world we live in.

– They are enthusiasts and seek to push the boundaries of this art form by learning from each other and other artists who share our common sentiments.

– Their  shared experiences in mobile device photography assist in continuing to inspire, develop and progress this growing art form.

– They are committed to the promotion of unique established and emerging artists. This vision is summed up in our motto:

“Be. Original.”

Frank aka @nitti80 is founder of AMPt and here you will find the whole member list.

@mich3zekiel @bindyboo @cirkeline @crina_prida @croyable @chikuwa91 @bobbyanwar @bradpuet @eros_sana @nitti80 @grahampreston @hirozzzz @skwii @monkone @journeyofnow @joez19 @kungfuroll @k8karsten @lazydra9on @mokiandme @nastyduck @refugee_p @rcoleman @toddglee @nickwhite73


Long Life to AMPt! And Let´s Instagram the World Together!




  1. Thanks for the good things you guys done here. I really love to surf Instagram to explore the original mobile photos. What hits me is your enthusiasm and your team strong intention to share the world the techniques and especially the opportunity the explore good works of yours and those whom you may recommend in the future.

    Since March 2011, i have started to use IG more seriously and had been having fun with it. The more i see those beautiful and creative photos the more my passion grows. My photo skill was absent from the beginning. With those shared photos, i notice that my skill get better, bit by bit. I have to admit that I addict to Instagram!

    I followed some of the AMPt members above. I am a huge fan of @joez19 whose style is so unique, especially, his reflection shots which are so stunning!

    Well, once i wandered around i found that, in fact, all of you guys have each own uniqueness. Each of you have lots of interesting photos.

    So far, Thanks for the good activities and the sharing! Yet, please accept my apology for these time-consuming paragraphs.



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