FocusOn Instagramers 1.1: User @palson

FocusOn Instagramers 1.1:  User @palson

Each week, discovers new people.

People addicted to Instagram revealing their lives, passions, tips in Instagram. Sometimes original and creative or with a glamourous and surprising life and sometimes simply normal people probably like you and definitely like me.

Here “most popular” or “number of followers” won’t be relevant at all. Just People with something in common. Their addiction to Instagram. (in Palson´s case, forget all this last sentence, he´s a real “Most Pop” man!)


This week @palson “The Dutch with more than 100 Most Pop”


Paul is dutch.

Yes from Netherlands. This beautiful and peaceful country in northern Europe.

Holland is very well known for its flowers and its cheeses and Van Gogh but there is many more things!

Between them, kindness of its people, groovy of its disco music, beauty of its girls and gorgeous Amsterdam!

Please one day, visit Amsterdam. It´s really an amazing place to let flow all your Instagramer creativity.

I knew Paul one night through the “Most popular” and  after checking his last works, decided to follow him. He is funny, open mind and interactive with other users. Even if most of the time his comments are celebrating a Most Pop!!

Some people may say he isn´t a “Iphone Pure Player” as he uses his Digital Nikon Camera but I thought he was an interesting person to know. As “Most Pop” is a dream in a lot of users minds I thought it would be a good idea to interview him for this second FocusOn.



Paul is 38 years “young” he said.

For the deception of most of IG girls he´s already married and he has two kids. His passion is Photography and you will recognize him easily by its Avatar. (I remind you the importance of having a personal and recognizable avatar!)

Most of time he does with a Nikon D300s. His dream would be to become a professional photographer in a couple of years.

Let´s know more about him!


When did you first join IG?

I  joined Instagram about 6 weeks ago around half december. It was freezing!


Why are you so addicted to IG?

This app makes you meet very nice people from al kind of places and countries all over the world. Different cultures, point of views and pics of course.


Were you already fond of photo before?

Yes, I´m a kind of Photographer “Amateur” and I would like to be one day a professional. I used in Internet for my pics at


For you, which are the 3 best pics apps?

Really, my case is special.

Most of the pictures are not made with iphone apps.

They are made with a Nikon D300s. I´ve used sometimes Photoshop for my pics in BW.

The apps Colorsplash is one of my favorite.

With this one you can filter easily pics  and change just some parts of the pic in black and white or in color. I use it as well on instagram when i want to let the people know I reached once again the popular page once! I put a filter that let just my pic in color and the rest of  “Most Pop”  in B&W)

I use as well Percolotor.

This is a wonderfull app which can help you to make a masterpiece.  You just need a good picture and the results are usually awesome and then  Popular Page is easier for me!


How long time do you spend a day in IG? Doing what?

To much time hahaha, i don’t know. I spend most of the time on Instagram while I´m doing all kind of things.


How did you get so many followers in so litlle time?

I use to post a lot of pictures everyday but it´s not only a question of pictures. Instagram is a kind of social neetwork. Being active with a los of users is important to get more followers every day and as everybody know i´s important to have Most Pops.


Which is your favorite pic?

Barbed Wire in Blue Version you can see in this post.


Do your “non Instagramers” friends and family are bothered by your IG addiction?

Hahaha.  Yes a little, but I also find sometime to spend with my family.


A funny anecdote in your short Instagramer life?

I don´t have really a special anecdote. Nothing in mind right now.

Probably funny when you get the first “Most Pop” and when you reach the number 100!

I just keep good memories of having a lot of fun with @luuk1 @theparty @oeufje @stjuttemus @kim1975 @suisselove @mario_driessen @elsieleg @kocyk @carmenp and @roswitha

(As user, appreciates a lot Paul´s friends!)


A trick you would recommend?

Being active with users and enjoy time with them as i said before but post good quality photos is something really important for me.


Something you would say to a new user?

Don’t try Instagram, you will get addicted! it´s like a drug! (laughing)

And i would like to thank specially @luuk1 who is the person who told me first about instagram, the “bastard” Lol…


PD: All Palson´s pictures are available at list #palsonpopularpage

Thanks to @palson! wishes him many more hundreds of “Most Pop” !


This a picture gallery of his son who probably will be soon an Instagramer addicted too!!


  1. He deserves it, he makes great pics, and is a great (IG) friend… tnx for the tnx at the end 😉
    Hope to see a lot more of his work… and…. keep following me….

    # Luuk1

  2. Palson, beautiful piece!! Gonna keep following u.. Keep us amazed with your beautiful pics and still hope for that special bird picture you promised me:))) xxx ros

  3. Palson’s work is great and it’s nice to follow
    Him! Keep up the great work Paul!
    Greets Anouk

  4. Very nice article! @palson Congrats on your 100 populars and your good work!! Keep the pops coming!!
    Congrats to Phil for his awesome work, here on and on FB and IG as well… Have a wonderful week and have a lot of fun on Instagram!

  5. Paul is THE best!!
    Hè has great pictures!
    Paul je bent geweldig man!
    Ga zo door! 
    Ik ben blij dat ik je volg! 



    On IG @miloux12

  6. Zet ‘m op Paul!!! XC

  7. Go you!!! And thanks for putting me in haha xoxo

  8. KANJERR! i Love your pictures.

  9. leuk paul van harte!!!! je hebt het verdiend om onder de aandacht te komen met je mooie beelden!

    xx kim

  10. Paul’s work is incredible. He obviously thrives on being popular and that just seems to encourage him to keep improving his work. Now let’s see some iPhone pics Paul 😉

  11. Shocking to find out you have only been on Instagram for such a short time. Your art is amazing. Keep posting. Thanks for putting the warning label at the bottom of your blog. Too late. “hi everyone, I’m an addict!”

    • Thanks for your kind comments @raeraebaby 🙂 Hope to see you soon in this blog again! Let´s Instagram tke world!

  12. Love the barbed wire in blue. Great pics.

  13. Hi @palson :

    You work is excellent !! I like your pics and hope see many many more.
    I use just my IPhone 4 for my pictures… Maybe, someday use a real camera…
    English is not my native languaje, as you see, but i think you understand my point.
    Congrats and i see you soon in IG.

    Juan Carlos 😛

  14. Hello hello
    Nice place.

    • Thanks Mag! Don´t forget to mention your Iger nick! 😉

  15. Yeah really nice photos. Love what ya doing. @palson !!!!

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