Instagram hits 80 million users and 4 billion photographs

Instagram hits 80 million users and 4  billion photographs

Instagram hits 80 million users and 4  billion photographs


Last Thursday, Instagram team informed through its blog about last App figures and Pics uploaded to date.


It was such a long time  Instagram didn’t publish any news around its growth that we could easily think, Kevin would chose a special moment to go out of silence. And the best time was definitely last Thursday. The day elected was finally last Fifth Instameet Worldwide.

With more than 80 million usersInstagram is in its way to reach 100 million users before the end of this year. That would mean an incredible mark as Facebook awaited at least 4 years to reach 100 million users, twitter around 5 years and LinkedIn 8 years (see below recent Instagram  infographic by our friends of

Although available only in mobile, Instagram photo-sharing app becomes the social network with faster growth ever.

No need to talk about 4 billion of pics uploaded to Instagram according to the same post that let Flickrs figures obsolete.

Next October 16, Instagram will celebrate its second anniversary and it could be a good date to announce 100 million users mark.



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