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Our Instagramers App for iPhone offers you a wide range of contents, News, Tutorials, Weekly Featured Users and the Fabulous Tag Finder.

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We’ve taken over a year in compiling our thoughts and reflections. Hints and Tipsfor the Instagram App. Instagram may change but the basic heart of our fave app remains the same: a fast amazingly beautiful photo sharing app”. Learn how to create your account, choosethe best nickname, promote your profile, use tags, organize an Instameetand even find true love on Instagram? In the next few months, we will be adding new content, possibly also including tutorials, to thissection.

Focus On

Our weekly interviews on the Instagramers App. More than 40 interviews with amazing mobile photographers.

Discover the Iger behind the nick. So far we have featured: @myriam40a @palson @inckognito @inkme @jmworks (@webstagram founder) @auroramichavila @darylljones @richnyc @ria @gladsheim @instagramteam @polagrapher @cirkeline @bsonaal @kewiki @tygermama @civilking @takinyerphoto @gunhp @luka04 @thomas_k @elhombretecla @nathparis @koci @ines_in_hk @mariannehope @luison @dimitriskarathanos @kimou53 @mijfuz @IGsantaKlaus @twheat @croyable @awnoom @streetstylish @cclozano (@igersmanila founder) @rugfoot @ilarysgril (founder @IgersItalia) @arthusking and many more in the next weeks!


Our Killer App. The Instagramers App “Tag Finder”

Have you ever wondered who created a particular tag? Are you always looking to start a new social movement? Or are you going mad trying to find the very first pic in a contest that will give you the full details of the challenge?The Instagram “Tag Finder” search by (single) keyword will give you full details of the creator’s nickname, the date of creation and number of pics tagged in the app.

This way you directly visit the user stream and can get the very first info about this tag, contest or creative idea.You need to log into Instagram’s official API first (as required) to access to Instagram’s database.

Please note this feature appeared in January 2011, in IG.


Links section of Instagramers App for iPhone

Our Links section gives you full information about our “Cool Instagramers Project”.

In the section “About” you will find all the latest news about the Instagramers Network and Instagram in the worldwide press.

You’ll get all the latest news in the international press aboutInstagram. Links to articles on all the major Social Media and Apps websites (mostly US, Europe)

Our “Cities” section gives you detailed information about our Worldwide Instagramers Network. Links to our local Instagramers Fan Pages in Facebook, the Instagram nicknames of local “manIgers”, Twitter details, etc. Our “Cities” Instagramers groups are always organizing instameets, photowalks and events locally. We aim to give Instagram Fans much more than just Likes, Followers and Populars. The Instagramers Network today has more than 280 groups.

Check here the main features of our Instagramers iPhone App.

(Android will be our next step. We have to take a rest for some days. It has been months and months of work!)
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