Instagramers Worldwide Instameet Announcement 2018, 06-07 Oct.

With more than 600 Instagramers groups in 80 countries, Instagramers (aka @Igers) community was the first Instagram’s fans community launched ever. Our hashtag #igers is up to 240 million pics on Instagram! We made tons of friends, we married people, we had dozens of “Instababies”, fruit of thousands of Instameets around the world. We want to celebrate our 8th anniversary with you all! . 2010 seems so long time ago. Let´s have a “revival”! . 2010: We were less than 3 or 4 million Instagram lovers around the planet. Instagram was a place where mobile photography was reigning and thousands of users around the world wanted to go further than a social media friendship built through pictures. They were eager to meet each other in “the real life”. . Our Igers (a.k.a Instagramers) groups of Madrid, Portland, Barcelona, London turned to be the really first promotors of a spontaneous and worldwide instameets movement on Instagram. So good memories! Today things have changed a lot on Instagram, we are more than 1.000 million users and our behaviours and interests are really different from 2010 but Instagramers Networks still supports the idea that “not everything is based on funny stories, using masks, running after followers and likes”. PEOPLE are still important too. . Let´s celebrate a new Worldwide Instameet! Our own #IgersWorldInstameet! . Instagramers Network wants to celebrate once again a global and enthusiastic #IgersWorldInstameet next October 06 and 07th and call all its IGers local communities to participate!!! . How to join our #IgersWorldInstameet? . There is different ways to join our global movement. . Check if there is an official IGers local chapter in...


Inauguración de la exposición fotográfica #ExpoPerú18 en Madrid

El viaje de dos fotógrafos e Instagramers por Perú. En Octubre de 2018, Jonatan Rius @pinapli y Phil González @philgonzalez realizaron un viaje organizado por Promperú y America Tours, agencia especializada en viajes por América Latina, a través de Perú.


Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Dennis aka @dutchie

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Dennis, @dutchie, manager of @igersamsterdam, snapping around in Holland’s beautiful capital.


“I am D, or Dennis, or as I go on Instagram, @dutchie. Born and living in Amsterdam, one of the most amazing cities in the world. During the day I work a “normal” office job which always gets in the way of instagramming and my love for photography, but it puts my close to my love for something else: Sneakers.

So for now, I’m with the “swoosh” hoping to someday being able to step away from the political games being played in business life and make a living doing only something I love. But hey, don’t we all have this dream?

Halfway thru November 2015, my mini me came to this world being a true and real Instagram baby.

Next to my love for sneakers and photography I love basketball, I’ve been playing since I was a kid and I do not think its something that will ever go away. NYC is by far my favorite city although I haven’t seen enough cities the world has to offer. I’m sharing my life with @ilonaizabella and with this I’ll complete my mini bio as I could go on typing for ages.

Looking forward to meeting many new IGers and finding new inspirational accounts, so hopefully this is another way to realize this!”

Enfoque Instagramers – De cerca con @mariahesse

Instagram se ha convertido en el escaparate online para muchos artistas. Basta con abrir la app, buscar por #art o #illustration y dejarse llevar por obras preciosas. Dentro de este espacio, y teniendo en cuenta que en mi galería está muy presente el dibujo y la pintura, teníamos ganas de entrevistar a un artista plástico. Hemos optado por una mujer para la que Instagram ha sido una pieza clave en su carrera profesional, una ilustradora con un estilo propio muy reconocible y para colmo súper divertida… Con todos ustedes: MARÍA HESSE Puedes encontrarla  en: Instagram: @mariahesse Twitter: @airamhesse Sitio web: Ideales Te gustaría ser: Cantante, de toda la vida, pero hago un favor al mundo cantando en la intimidad de mi casa. ¿Qué te llevarías a una isla desierta?: A @amigobuster, una pata de jamón serrano, una cerveza y un buen libro. Tu experiencia de vida más valiente: Todas las veces que he roto con mi espacio de confort y he empezado de cero para tener llegar hasta dónde estoy. Si tuvieras un súper-poder, ¿cuál sería?: Supervelocidad. Así me cundiría más el tiempo Si gobernaras el mundo:  Acabaría con el dinero. El dinero lo corrompe todo. Y celebraría el día mundial de acariciar gatitos. En la “Vida Real” Te encanta: Estar con mis seres queridos. No soportas: El egocentrismo. Hobbies: Comer, leer, el cine, viajar… Lo típico ¿no? Un viaje que te gustaría hacer: México, me he obsesionado con ese país Una frase: ¿te frío u huevo o dos? Un deseo: Estabilizar mi carrera profesional ¿será posible? Alguien que admires: Mi madre, la mujer más luchadora que he...

Enfoque Instagramers – De cerca con @harialamo

Como siempre decimos, Instagram es ese lugar donde personas creativas se reúnen para dar rienda suelta a su expresión y creatividad. Y hay tanto talento que no queremos dejar de ir presentando a algunos de ellos.

harialamo4Nos estrenamos muy felices de la mano de una compañera ManIGer, concretamente de la comunidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a la que pusimos cara en #MágicCádiz y que nos cautivó. Hoy conocemos un poquito más a la gran Haridian Álamo.

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artists Antonio and Layana aka @brasilmostratuacapa

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Antonio and Layana, two creative people behind the Instagram account @brasilmostratuacapa!

Antonio Adriano: “I was born in northeastern Brazil, but I live in São Paulo, southeast region. I’ve studied film, photography, computing and graphic design. My hobby is mobile photography, I love meeting new people, traveling, drinking and dancing with friends, playing with my cat and in my free time I surf on the internet and check the social networks.”

Layana Leonardo: “I’m Northeastern, work in advertising, bohemian, addicted to Brazilian music, albums, playlists and parties. And in the midst of all this confusion, I always manage to have time to return to Aracaju, to see the family and enjoy all those that I miss.”

Five essential photo editing apps for Android

Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading to social networking, many of us know the importance of many other apps to get better photo editions.

Here we will show a collection of five applications with powerful editing capabilities in order to improve our photographs so you can get your own personal style

Five essential photo editing apps for iOS

  Five essential photo editing apps for iOS     Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading them to social networking, many of us today know the importance of many other apps to get a better and thorough editing process. Here we will show a collection of five applications with powerful editing capabilities in order to improve our photographs so you can get your own personal style. Here we will show you five applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and  five for future Android system in a future post. These apps are Snapseed, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express and Afterlight. In addition, I want to recommend you  Picfx.   Enjoy and fun !!! @rodrigorivasph    1 – Snapseed The most famous application of all photo editing at App Store. Many options with basic and not so basic settings, ease of use and an intuitive style make be the perfect tool for everyday use photo editing. Indispensable, and if you take a look the price much more … FREE   App Store | Snapseed   2 – Filterstorm An incredibly application but requires a fairly extensive photographic knowledge. Its use is difficult and unintuitive, but perhaps the most powerful in terms of all the options that we have today in a simple app. Apart from the basic settings for most applications that can be found in the App Store, we can use Curves, Levels, Layers, etc … One tip, if you have photographic skills and use normally to editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, it may be a good option, but otherwise not advise you...
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