Photographers rights app, a great tool for streetphotographers

Photographers rights app, a great tool for streetphotographers

Photographers rights app, a great tool for street photographers


There is a lot of Street Photographers and stolen portraits fans in Instagram and you may have wondered yet, which are really your photographers rights.

Photographers Rights App helps photographers to understand their legal rights depending on countries. Every country has different laws regarding photography, copyright and contracts with individuals and the app also provides a quick list of common phrases in different languages, but you don’t have to read them, the application will speak for you in the country native language of your choice. It also provides common used contracts in different languages, that you can send to yourself by email.

Photographers Rights gives you a simple and quick legal reference that help you in your hobby or work as a photographer in different countries of the world.

The main features are:

1) Legal rules for USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, France.

2) Your legal rights, valid for every of the supported countries.

3) General copyright laws, common to the supported countries.

4) Privacy laws, common to the supported countries.

5) Contracts in different languages, valid on the corresponding language spoken countries.

6) Common questions for photographers, that can be played in French, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian.

You can download Photographers Rights App here and Follow Photographers Rights on twitter to get updates and news: @PhotoRightsApp

Hope it helps!



  1. BS low – riaotnaltiy high! Really good answer!

    • Thanks Alyn! Have a nice time in Instagram!

  2. Do you have an android version?

    • Hi Bob,
      According to Instagram HQ they are working on an ANDROID version for a while but there is nothing really definitive on that. It will be probably a surprise one day! 🙂



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