Meeting Ana Esmith aka @miss__beige – Instagramers Gallery 2020 New Artist

Miss Beige, the antiselfie. A multidisciplinary project by actress, journalist and performer Ana Esmith. Born in response to the lack of female heroines not sexualized or reified in the collective imagination. She emerges as a hero of the 21st century, without a cape or tight stockings because she knows that her dress, belt, shoes, beige gloves and a hammer always hiding in her bag can destroy all the vanity that surrounds her. ¡Meet Miss Beige!

Meeting Ai Futaki – Instagramers Gallery 2020 New Artist

Ai Futaki, born in Japan, Two Guinness World Record holder of freediving, is one of the very few people in the world who conveys the splendors of the sea to us in various ways. Ai started competitive swimming when she was just 3 years old. When she discovered freediving, it was a life changing revelation for her. Being in the water like marine mammals, it is the best way to express the subaquatic world.

Hyperlapse, Layout & Boomerang. The Instagram Ecosystem.

First was Hyperlapse (actually it was Bolt, but was only launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa), then Layout and a few months ago we knew Boomerang. This Instagram’s proprietary applications trio reached us without notice and to the surprise of many. Do we expect them? No. Do we needed them? Maybe.

Enlight, a great photo edition app for iOS

Enlight is the application to which I refer. The possibilities with this application in mobile photography in iOS are great. From basic settings to very complex settings. The possibility of using masks, layers, creative options, curves, or even noise reduction are some of the options from Lightricks brings with Enlight.

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