In mobile photography photo editing is one of the most important factor. Many photo editing applications usually have a point where they are very good, but very few stand out as having several.

A few days ago appeared on App Store an application that has managed to put together a number of very significant and very sophisticated with a simple and intuitive visualization photographic settings.

Enlight is the application to which I refer. The possibilities with this application in mobile photography in iOS are great. From basic settings to very complex settings. The possibility of using masks, layers, creative options, curves, or even noise reduction are some of the options from Lightricks brings with Enlight.


I could do some tests and the results are more than satisfactory for a workflow from start to finish. Here you are the most interesting options that the app has:

  • Accurate and selective control of tone, color and details
  • Create and save your own personal presets
  • Mask function available in all the tools to  combine effects
  • Play the style of classic cameras and photographic film
  • Gradients
  • Add lights filtered and vignetting
  • Monochrome photos with traditional darkroom techniques
  • Add artistic touches with film parameters: intensity, grain and veiled



  • Create pictorial effects
  • Customize: draw, write or scribble directly on the image
  • Signs and special effects to make your photo unique
  • Overlay two photos to create a double exposure effect
  • Create stunning photomontages and gets surreal effects
  • Combine photos with various blending modes
  • Repairs instantly underexposed or overexposed photos
  • Noise reduction tool highest quality
  • Swells, shrinks or alter certain objects photo
  • Options tilt-shift linear, radial and mirror to shift the focus
  • Multichannel curves for absolute control over hue image
  • Flips, spins and falls straightens photos
  • Perspective: varies the photo as if it had been made from another angle
  • Add and customize text, borders, frames and more


Here you are an extensive review (in Spanish) about the app all its options


Download App Store | Enlight 3,99€ / $3,99 / £2.99

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