Meeting Ana Esmith aka @miss__beige – Instagramers Gallery 2020 New Artist

Miss Beige, the antiselfie. A multidisciplinary project by actress, journalist and performer Ana Esmith. Born in response to the lack of female heroines not sexualized or reified in the collective imagination. She emerges as a hero of the 21st century, without a cape or tight stockings because she knows that her dress, belt, shoes, beige gloves and a hammer always hiding in her bag can destroy all the vanity that surrounds her. ¡Meet Miss Beige!

Meeting Ai Futaki – Instagramers Gallery 2020 New Artist

Ai Futaki, born in Japan, Two Guinness World Record holder of freediving, is one of the very few people in the world who conveys the splendors of the sea to us in various ways. Ai started competitive swimming when she was just 3 years old. When she discovered freediving, it was a life changing revelation for her. Being in the water like marine mammals, it is the best way to express the subaquatic world.

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Pedro aka @pedrosamcastro

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Pedro, @pedrosamcastro. “I’m Pedro Castro, a 30 years old Portuguese photographer and art director based in Porto, Portugal. My work is focused on fashion, beauty and advertising. Those are the themes I like the most and that inspire me on a daily basis.

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Rodrigo aka @rodrigorivasph

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Rodrigo, @rodrigorivasph, also known for his black & white street photographs (although lately he snaps in color too). “My name is Rodrigo Rivas, I’m a professional photographer and photo trainer, from Madrid, specialized in documentary photography. I’m a member of Instagramers Academy in Spain. I love photography, films, arts, sports, and I’m a passionate fan of the USA.”

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Dennis aka @dutchie

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Dennis, @dutchie, manager of @igersamsterdam, snapping around in Holland’s beautiful capital.


“I am D, or Dennis, or as I go on Instagram, @dutchie. Born and living in Amsterdam, one of the most amazing cities in the world. During the day I work a “normal” office job which always gets in the way of instagramming and my love for photography, but it puts my close to my love for something else: Sneakers.

So for now, I’m with the “swoosh” hoping to someday being able to step away from the political games being played in business life and make a living doing only something I love. But hey, don’t we all have this dream?

Halfway thru November 2015, my mini me came to this world being a true and real Instagram baby.

Next to my love for sneakers and photography I love basketball, I’ve been playing since I was a kid and I do not think its something that will ever go away. NYC is by far my favorite city although I haven’t seen enough cities the world has to offer. I’m sharing my life with @ilonaizabella and with this I’ll complete my mini bio as I could go on typing for ages.

Looking forward to meeting many new IGers and finding new inspirational accounts, so hopefully this is another way to realize this!”

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artists Antonio and Layana aka @brasilmostratuacapa

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Antonio and Layana, two creative people behind the Instagram account @brasilmostratuacapa!

Antonio Adriano: “I was born in northeastern Brazil, but I live in São Paulo, southeast region. I’ve studied film, photography, computing and graphic design. My hobby is mobile photography, I love meeting new people, traveling, drinking and dancing with friends, playing with my cat and in my free time I surf on the internet and check the social networks.”

Layana Leonardo: “I’m Northeastern, work in advertising, bohemian, addicted to Brazilian music, albums, playlists and parties. And in the midst of all this confusion, I always manage to have time to return to Aracaju, to see the family and enjoy all those that I miss.”

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