Hyperlapse, Layout & Boomerang. The Instagram Ecosystem.

First was Hyperlapse (actually it was Bolt, but was only launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa), then Layout and a few months ago we knew Boomerang. This Instagram’s proprietary applications trio reached us without notice and to the surprise of many. Do we expect them? No. Do we needed them? Maybe.

Enlight, a great photo edition app for iOS

Enlight is the application to which I refer. The possibilities with this application in mobile photography in iOS are great. From basic settings to very complex settings. The possibility of using masks, layers, creative options, curves, or even noise reduction are some of the options from Lightricks brings with Enlight.

Five essential photo editing apps for Android

Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading to social networking, many of us know the importance of many other apps to get better photo editions.

Here we will show a collection of five applications with powerful editing capabilities in order to improve our photographs so you can get your own personal style

Five essential photo editing apps for iOS

  Five essential photo editing apps for iOS     Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading them to social networking, many of us today know the importance of many other apps to get a better and thorough editing process. Here we will show a collection of five applications with powerful editing capabilities in order to improve our photographs so you can get your own personal style. Here we will show you five applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and  five for future Android system in a future post. These apps are Snapseed, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express and Afterlight. In addition, I want to recommend you  Picfx.   Enjoy and fun !!! @rodrigorivasph    1 – Snapseed The most famous application of all photo editing at App Store. Many options with basic and not so basic settings, ease of use and an intuitive style make be the perfect tool for everyday use photo editing. Indispensable, and if you take a look the price much more … FREE   App Store | Snapseed   2 – Filterstorm An incredibly application but requires a fairly extensive photographic knowledge. Its use is difficult and unintuitive, but perhaps the most powerful in terms of all the options that we have today in a simple app. Apart from the basic settings for most applications that can be found in the App Store, we can use Curves, Levels, Layers, etc … One tip, if you have photographic skills and use normally to editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, it may be a good option, but otherwise not advise you...

App Review: Noiseware – Noise Reduction

App Review: Noiseware – noise Reduction   Have you ever wished your mobile photos could be cleaner? If so,  Noiseware could be the app for you. It takes your grainy photos and gives them a more proffesional quality by de noising them. I put the app through its paces, by intentionally adding grain to an image, with the app PicFX, and then running it through Noiseware. Here’s what happened. . Before . After . The results are pretty astounding. And what’s great is, the app is really easy to use. simply upload an image and it works instantly, without the user having to do anything! There are a few different modes to choose from, which basically just vary the strength of the effect. The Night Shot feature will add a little brightness to really bring out the dark spots of an image. There’s also a custom feature, where the user can adjust the filter value and exposure. Right now Noiseware is only available for iPhone and iPad.   @kerry_fin  ...

Get excited, people.. Matter App is coming!

Get excited, people.. Matter App is coming!. Review by: @kerry_fin . . . . Ben Guerette and his team at Pixite have always been at the forefront when it comes to making ground breaking apps. . From the artful loveliness of Decosketch to the image blending wizardry of Union and everything in between, they have given the mobile creative and graphic design community some invaluable tools. Their newest app Matter is no exception. In fact it’s a serious game changer. . Matter allows the user to place 3D, mirrored objects into their photos. These primitive inspired, geometric shapes (some designed by the wonderfully talented @_syamilonfire_) will reflect parts of the photo, and can be placed, via use of in app masking, to appear, protruding from an ocean scene or wedged into desert sand. . . A really lovely touch and something that I personally struggled to execute satisfactorily in my images before this app came about, is the shadow feature. You can add a shadow to the ground in front of the object, which gives a realistic quality that makes this app outstanding. . .. But it doesn’t end there. Something we’ve rarely (if ever) seen in photo editing apps is video. That’s right. The shapes can be animated so they move around, and, again, with the use of masking, you can have them weave in and out behind trees or even in the palm of your hand. I can foresee this changing the way we, as mobile creatives, use Instagram. Matter makes video feel like the next logical step in our artistic evolution. . Watch the video here ....

Casetagram is now Casetify

Casetagram is now Casetify . New name. Same people. More memorable products. . For those who still don’t know them, Casetify, formerly known as Casetagram, is a social design service where you can create custom telephone or tablet cases by using your Instagram, Facebook or directly uploaded photos from your computer or your phone. .   Available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5, iPad, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note I, Note II and more . More info here: Casetify Web | @casetify Instagram . Keep up the good work friends!...

Discover the new ContestGram App for iPhone and Android

Discover the new ContestGram App for iPhone and Android . Contestgram is an Instagramer photo contest App created by Roberto Pioli (@tebeus) together with his developing team with the goal for Instagramers to “to simplify the participation at contests based on Instagram photos. Each winner will win popularity, a shout out and amazing prizes are offered by sponsors.”  . and they have just launched a new version! . . New look and feel, new partners, new prizes .This slideshow requires JavaScript. . Click here to read more about Contestgram     More info  Download for iPhone | Download for Android | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr...

Lylt.me, show off your Instagram album like never before with NFC technology

Lylt.me, show off your Instagram album like never before with NFC tecnology. . . What is the best moment to show your pictures? If you ask an Instagramer the most probable answer is: Any moment! Instagram has created an amazing new behaviour built around photography and social sharing. And Instagramers are proud of their pictures as these are important part of their personal identity. Unfortunately there are still some people around who don’t know about Instagram, so the question is: Is there easy way to show and share your Instagram photos with them?  You bet!   It all revolves around  NFC, a technology that enables phones to activate certain actions when touching some physical objects. You can find more about it in the links at the end of this post. Currently there are more than 200 million people using Instagram, and growing!  NFC usage is also growing; estimations tell us that 2 out of 3 phones sold by 2017 will support NFC. There are hundreds of models that support it already. . Instagram + NFC = Lylt.me . For Lylt.me  best friends are those you meet face to face.  But sometimes bringing our digital and physical lives together is not that easy. That’s why the Lylt key rings have been created, to link the digital and the physical. They are physical because you can touch them, you carry them with you, and they are digital because they can contain your whole online presence in them, not just your Instagram photos.  All this might seem very technical and complicated but it is actually very easy to handle. A very intuitive...

GESTURES Camera, the next generation camera App?

GESTURES Camera, the next generation camera App? . Have you heard of the GESTURES CAMERA App?   A few weeks ago it was released in the Apple Store and today it is available for free.  Their mission is simple, to revolutionize the world of camera Apps because: ”camera interfaces really haven’t changed much in over 10 years… we still depend heavily on interacting with tiny buttons to do some of the most basic things, instead of using simple gestures”.   The idea behind this App is to take advantage of today’s touchscreen capabilities to make picture taking a better experience. . It takes a little getting used to but once you learn the basic features of this app, the movement make total sense.   Once you start using it you will find yourself doing swipe gestures with your other camera Apps! . . Think about all features we use on a daily basis on a traditional camera App: capturing, viewing, sharing, deleting, Gestures gives you access to all that on the same screen, no need to interrupt your creative process. . . To capture, you tap…anywhere on the screen. To add a filters you scroll up or down. To see more or less thumbnails in the gallery, pinch in our out. . . To skip strait to the timeline, pinch quickly. To share, swipe up with 3 fingers. . . Because you can tap directly on the screen to focus and capture at the same time, it encourages us to take pictures with natural depth and focus rather than applying fake blur filters. . . And lastly but not least important, speed!  We...
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