Because there is more to Instagram than just sharing photos! wants to help Instagram users bring their virtual connections to the real world and help them meet each other! Countless users have contacted and encouraged us to develop the Instagramers Branded Group all over the world. It´s easy and free!

Instagramers Cities Groups

How to create an Instagramers Network Group?

To be part of our manIgers team around the world, you just have to be at least over 18 and strong social media skills and experience.

You will have to send us (by mail) your contact datas, your motivations, projects in your area, social media back ground, experience in organization of events or contests, the list of people who will manage the account with you (always better when 2 or 3 people in each Instagramers local group). Don´t forget to send us your usernames on Instagram. It´s very important.

Instagramers Team will study your application and will give you an answer soon.

So if you want more info? Just email us at:

if you received the definitive confirmation and acceptation of your group, you can get the Instagramers Facebook Time Line profile pic for free here. Remember you can manage your FanPage from your iPhone too!

Instagramers groups worldwide


Instagram  introduced recently a way to get together in each area, in any part of the world. To kick things off, they hosted a first worldwide InstaMeet on 24 March 2011, when Igers in all different parts of the world gathered in their hometowns to meet other members of the Instagram community. See here some First Instameet Global Pics. If you want to know more of this visit Instagram Blog or

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