How to avoid spam on instagram?


“How has Instagram so successfully avoided spam and follower count gaming that plagued Twitter in its early years?” was the title  ReadWriteWeb used in a recent post the recent rise of Spam on Instagram.


But the truth is that there is a huge and “unstoppable” spam-proliferating fake accounts these last weeks on Instagram.

These spamming account use “fake names”, and do not post pictures on their feeds.

They are just promoting “again and again” links to “absurd sites” that could help you getting new followers and likes, but also possibility to become a model or work soon on future Tv Series cast

It´s really annoying and our community is starting to get really bored by these “low-cost marketing strategies” and behaviors.


What Can I do today against Spam on Instagram?


Today there is unfortunately “really few we can do” against Spam as it´s the work of Bots invading Instagram through its open developers Api.

Most of the Instagramers simply use the “reporting” button in their comments feed. But it seems the Spam Bots are still alive and they daily create tons of new “fake accounts” generating tons of fake comments. At the moment, Instagram Community Team is probably submerged by million of “report abuse” notifications but that´s all we can do.

Sometimes these “bots” also catch directly real profile pictures (randomly) from other real users. That´s why many affected users reported me recently they find their own profiles pics on others fake spammers accounts.

Probably another trick to get our attention with a “familiar” friend profile pic… Really embarrasing. The definitive solution is on Instagram´s hands.


So What Instagram is doing about it?


You have to know that Instagram is conscious of this situation and working hardly against bots and spammers. They are totally aware that keeping spam at bay is a key point for the future of the app, most of all when Instagram web profiles launched last week will mean that spammers will be more incentivized to place links.

@Mykel from the famous @igersexorcist app commented me yesterday that “On the instagram API forum people are commenting that when they try to get their apps to post comments, they are receiving an “error 400 – contact for commenting access”.
“So it looks like instagram have disabled commenting access for all third party tools and then will re-enable them on a per-app basis after vetting the app” says Mykel.
Not bad idea. Instagram Api is definitely a wide open door to manipulate and hack tons of our accounts each day. By controlling the use of the Api and accepting only “checked and homologated apps” Instagram will control directly the spam from the roots!
Hope it will work!
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