How to find love in Instagram?


According to a survey conducted by Yahoo last June, 5,5% users had said or were told for “I love you” the first time and 4% had broken up their relationship through social networks. The other startling fact is that 8% had proposed or had received a marriage proposal through some kind of social network.


But where does Instagram stand in all this love talk?


As the committed Instagram user that I am, I must say that it is with great interest that I have been observing the impact that the App is having on the way we think, act and live.

As a matter of fact, I wrote an article a few months ago about the best ways to integrate Instagram in your everyday life, and romantic relationships were obviously a part of it.

I know of several couples whose relationship was “made in Instagram” and the truth is that every time I hear this kind of news I feel quite happy.

What a great App Instagram is!

After a few months and various experiences in this micro world we call Instagram, I must admit that even the speech I use when I’m dealing with journalists or people in the IT sector has evolved.

I use to say that that the App had democratized the art of photography (which to some extent is still true) but today I have to add that it is also great way to meet new people, to socialize and why not, fall in love.


Can you fall in love in Instagram?


The ‘’Placebo effect’’.

You can… or is it like some kind of “placebo” effect… you want to believe it so much that in the end you actually ‘’feel’’ in love.

This is quite natural because we are first and foremost humans and when ever you mix men and women of similar ages, we tend to fall for one another.

Another important element that comes into play is that as Instagram users, we tend to share the same sensitivity for images and last but not least, we are quite open to interacting with new people without necessarily knowing anything about them.

We often open our homes, experiences and even our hearts… and you get what you get…you start feeling real good without having to take anything…

The ‘’hungry for love’’  or ‘’Loneliness’’ effect.

It is a known fact that Single people can dedicate more time to the application and that increases their chances of meeting their better half. Imagine all those nights when you don’t feel like going out or watching TV, hearing politicians speak out, you just lie on the couch with your iPhone in hand and Instagram on and discover the world, beaches and pets!

The ‘’There is always something going on on Instagram’’ effect.

This effect is also an important binding factor because Instagram remains open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even if you have no plans for the evening and are feeling a bit desperate, you will have someone to talk to, to discover, someone to vibrate for.


The ‘’Fantasy” effect.

Who has never felt attraction for a fellow student or professor while in university?

There were probably clear images about that person that constantly popped up in your mind…like walking right in front of you or sharing coffee at the same table…a clear case of infatuation.

Instagram can quickly become your source of ‘’Images’’ to feed that infatuation.

And if you take into account that each image is usually edited to get the most effect out of it…well we just can’t deny it, Instagram is an effective love machine!


I LIKE doesn’t mean I LOVE.

It that where the case, the App’s developers would of have chosen another nomenclature for the application.  Also keep in mind that despite all that I have mentioned above, we cannot generalize. Many Instagram users are only looking for a good time and bit of relaxation when using the App, nothing more.  This being said, beware of hasty love declarations that could bring huge disappointments if the feeling is not mutual, it could even cost you a follower!


Can you fall out of love in Instagram?

You have to bear in mind that what initially looked like #InstaLove may prove to be an #instaFlop.

The person you’ve been thinking about for weeks might in reality not be what you made him or her to be, and even if you sized them correctly, you might not be what they are looking for.

Relationships that started in the virtual world could lead to something real but you must be conscious that I can also go nowhere, but you can’t blame this on the application.


The post-relationship.

It is important to manage the post-relationship moment, but if you’ve had infatuation happen to you before in school or at work, you know what I’m talking about.

After all the emotions and bad moments have faded away some might just want to focus on nothing else that the pics…

All this being said and done, I would nevertheless want to end this post on a good note by mentioning that although Instagram is no miracle remedy for one of the most common social pains known; loneliness, it does contribute to its attenuation!

Love my Friends!

@ Philgonzalez

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Important note: According to the previously mentioned survey,  36% of users consult their social networks from their beds and 5% while on a date. Does it remind you someone?


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