How to manage multiple Instagram Accounts?


Updated February 2016: Read ->>>  How to Add, Manage & Switch multiple accounts on Instagram


During recent conversations I’ve had with various managers in charge of their different Local Instagramers Groups around the world, our friend Amy from @IgersOKC (check out the Oklahoma City group here) talked about multiple account management, she wondered if there was some kink of App out there that could help users to manage different accounts on the same iPhone.


As you already know, the Instagram App only allow you to have a single account, nick and one email address, this makes multiple account management on a single device a real head ache.


There is no way to switch between different accounts aside from logging in and out from your different accounts! That’s enough to make anyone with a couple of accounts go mad!


As multiple accounts become more and more common (personal accounts, company accounts,  local Igers Groups, etc.)  What would be the best solution be?



Kim haverman from @IgersDelft (Netherlands) aka @kimergy was commenting the possibility of using the popular DropBox App to share pics between two accounts.

It’s not the definite solution but using the Dropbox-app allow’s him to save and share his pictures between two different accounts.

It’s not the perfect solution but it does make thins easer.

Michelle With AppleNews aka @muenchner_kindl our “Instagramers App Cool Hunter” may have a more practical solution.

She suggest’s the use of the Fotogramme iPhone app which is an Instagram client and support multiple Instagram accounts …

This Iphone App allows you to get profile information, view pics, like, comment other Instagramers pics, follow, block users and search hashtag and users. The only thing that is not available for the moment is the possibility to upload a photos (like all third parties Instagram Api’s), nevertheless,  Fotogramme seems to offer the best solution to multiple Instagram account management on an Iphone.

Michelle and all Instagramers are impatiently awaiting the day when this new feature is added on the Instagram App.

Thanks for this new brilliant tip Michelle.




Download Fotogramme App here.



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