How to manage multiple accounts on Instagram thanks to InstaDesk


InstaDesk launches multiple accounts on Instagram

instadesk 2.1 instagram multiple accountsA new Version 2.1 of the Mac client implements a long-awaited feature: The multiple accounts management feature.
How many times made you a wish to have a feature that would let you switch easily from one Instagram account to another?

Manage different accounts is not easy on Instagram (see our previous tutorial here) and that´s probably one of the priority feature Instagram team should develop.

If you are a “regular user” with just one personal account, you will probably wonder why is this so important… But if you are Social Media Manager or Community Manager, by passion or profession, running different Instagram profiles for your company or clients, you know perfectly what I mean.

With the release of InstaDesk 2.1 your dream came true!  Among improvements of version 2.1, you can now easily switch to a different account, with just one click.

Instadesk is an “Instagram client” for Mac** that lets you browse photos and manage your IG profile.  The app was developed at a time when third-party web viewers were essential to taking Instagram out of your mobile and into your computer; with time, it evolved into a powerful tool for community and brand management on Instagram.

How does it work? Account management panel lets you select and manage multiple users, without requiring your username and password every time you switch from one account to another.

The question now is, when will Instagram allow users to switch accounts within its app? We suspect that, with ads coming to Instagram as announced last week, things will move faster towards the implementation of multiple accounts, allowing simpler profile management for brands and businesses.


You can check all new improvement on their blog  all the improvements of version 2.1 and download it here for just €4.99. A reasonable price for a professional use.


Report by @roccorossitto manIger of @igerscatania and @roro manIger of @igersfc


*However InstaDesk, just like every other third-party app, cannot upload images to the Instagram network.

** There is no mobile version and InstaDesk is currently only available for the Mac.

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