Buy Instagram Followers, the latest nonsense web


I’ve been hesitant about writing an article or not about BuyInstagramersFollowers . Clearly, the simple fact of talking of a person, company  (even in negative way) gives it a certain  “visibility” even if not really deserved.

However, could not stay aside and we decide to support the message @joshjohnson against these latest nonsense web.

I do not know exactly who is/are behind this project and if it has a future but I think it could be the worst thing that could happen to our Instagram World.

I will never understand users or businesses that would accept to sell their “follow” or “Likes” neither people who could spend money on this service.

For the really first time in the history of this blog we wish an initiative around Instagram´s world will not succeed.


 This morning @JoshJohnson commenting against this web in his stream:

Want your company to seem more popular than it really is? $95 will buy you 1000 followers and $75 might get you on the popular page with 1000 likes. Pretty sleazy. We need someone to create program that detects when companies are using these services and call them out on it. I’m sure the services have a fancy way of explaining away what they are doing, but it’s just dishonest in my opinion. Thanks @eleazar_v for bringing this to my attention. Who knew? The price that Instagram pays for being successful I guess. @joshjohson



Interesting article in Read Write Web:  Instagram Faces Rising Tide of Spam


pd: thanks to @annaleticohen for bringing my attention to this matter.





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