Five essential photo editing apps for iOS


iOS Photo Edition Apps


Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading them to social networking, many of us today know the importance of many other apps to get a better and thorough editing process.

Here we will show a collection of five applications with powerful editing capabilities in order to improve our photographs so you can get your own personal style.

Here we will show you five applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and  five for future Android system in a future post. These apps are Snapseed, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express and Afterlight. In addition, I want to recommend you  Picfx.


Enjoy and fun !!!



 Snapseed1 – Snapseed

The most famous application of all photo editing at App Store. Many options with basic and not so basic settings, ease of use and an intuitive style make be the perfect tool for everyday use photo editing.

Indispensable, and if you take a look the price much more … FREE


App Store | Snapseed



FS2 – Filterstorm

An incredibly application but requires a fairly extensive photographic knowledge. Its use is difficult and unintuitive, but perhaps the most powerful in terms of all the options that we have today in a simple app. Apart from the basic settings for most applications that can be found in the App Store, we can use Curves, Levels, Layers, etc …

One tip, if you have photographic skills and use normally to editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, it may be a good option, but otherwise not advise you to download it . You will also need an adaptation time to learn to use.

Its price in the App Store is high, so it is an expensive application if you are of those you pretend easy and simple editing.


App Store | Filterstorm





Perhaps now the most fashionable app for editing. Although not only an editing application, also you can use to shoot, has a very simple and efective photo editor with the majority of the options currently have Instagram.

Ultimately simple, intuitive and with few options that does not have in other applications and therefore we can combine it with one or more apps.


App Store | VSCO Cam



PE4 – Photoshop Elements

Easy photo editing application and complete for those who do not need large adjustments. We can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, make crops, rotate images … all simple and intuitive ways. Every option with sliders.

Besides all I includes patch tool as used in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop to clone elements.

In short, a pleasant and visually beautiful interface that will appeal to many. Furthermore we can find it for free.


App Store | Photoshop Express



Afterlight5 – Afterlight

Possibly the best overall mobile editing app designed for smartphone . Common options like adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness, vignetting, highlights, shadows … but some very thoughtful as applying filters imitating intrusion of stray light or glazes film. All this combined with a lot of filters that we can graduate in intensity with a slider bar, exactly like all other options.

One of the best options in Afterlight is the ability to record our edition processes in a photo and then apply them to others pictures that we want.

It is not free but has a very low price.


App Store | Afterlight 






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