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World’s best Instagram tools available on the world wide web. Team offers you the most amazing tools developed by IG or developers around the world. Send us yours too! Apart from the official website and the instagram Blog, you will find many more tools on the web.

Check out our Instagram Pictures rights.


Flickr has something like 200,000,000+ images licensed under Creative Commons, making them the biggest repository of Creative Commons work in the world. CC work from Flickr is regularly used by Wikipedia, magazines, books, bloggers… Instagram gets something like 5+ million new photos a day and offers you the possibility to license your Instagram Pics under Creative Commons.



picglazePICGLAZE. Print your best Instagram Pics on the most impressive formats. our Instagramers Gallery printing partner offers you the best quality articles. You can check it here:


LobsterLOBSTER – A market place for your Instagram Pictures!

Music records companies or large studios protect their intellectual property rights pretty aggressively, this in turn has created amarket of people who have started buying music in iTunes, Spotyfy etc,.  But what about private contributors like Instagram users?  This is where LOBSTER comes in, a start up from London/Moscow.  LOBSTER was launched on October 30th, it allows Instagram users to sell (license) their photos directly from their Instagram stream, allowing other users to buy and download their photos legally.  The author of the photos then gets $0.75 for every purchase.

Interested in buying or selling pictures?  Register (only the first time) at 




INstagram Datas and Metrics

ICONOSQUARE, the really first Instagram Stats! (former Statigram) is an amazing tool. Datas, Metrics and fun of your pics in Instagram. You can see your most commented pics, tags, etc… Just great! Try it!


WEBSTA.ME, The “Full” Interface in the web. (former Webstagram) is the really first (external) application based on the official Instagram Open Api. This “brilliant” service has a huge success as Instagramers can make multiple comments etc…

This helpful website has been developed by Joe Mio, IG User @jmworks (twitter user: @jmworks).


FLICKSTAGRAM.ORG, Import your Instagram Pics to Flickr.

Flickstagram will import all your Instagram photos directly to Flickr in a new set called “Instagram Photos”. Keep all your meta-data, and no need to download a zip file and upload manually!


CANVA, Design Awesome Social Media Graphics

Ramp up your next social media campaign by adding beautifully designed graphics! Choose from our library of professionally designed templates for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

. .

INK361, insights and analytics for Instagram

INK361 provides insights for marketers, analysts and brand leaders to grow and engage with their audience on Instagram.


picodashPICODASH, explore Instagram and hashtags monitoring

A powerful search engine to explore Instagram photos, videos, users and locations


VIBBI – (INSTAPORT) A simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos.

A simple way to export all your Instagram photos to other social services or your local hard drive.



mark-pixey-whitePIXEI – Make money with your instagram account.

We help broadcasters and publishers find and obtain the digital rights, to real-time Instagram user generated content. Make money from your Instagram account selling your every day photos and videos.



bestlinksBESTLINK, All kind of links around Instagram.

.Celebrities, sports, brands.. a selection of best links on Instagram


INSTABAM, Find Photos and People from around the world on Instagram


INSTAPRESS.IT, the Instagram Feed Plugin for your your WordPress Blog.

This highly customizable plugin offers the possibility to embed feeds from Instagram into your WordPress Blog.



INSTAALBUMS, website allows users to create shareable photo albums using there Instagram photos.

Create easily your own Instagram Pics Album and share them through social networks



SNAPWIDGET, to quickly and easily embed a photo gallery in your website

Want to display your photos on your website or blog? Use a SnapWidget. No registration required!


Instagram Funny applications on the Web.


smart_album_hofmannHofmann Prints, Cool impression of your Instagram Pics  Available only in Spain at the moment.


ARTFLAKES, Print your Pics and Stick everywhere!

Artflakes is a German Company specialized in selling  High quality vinyl stickers and available all over Europe. Artflakes developed for us,  Instagram Lovers, an interface  that allows us to buy for a good price packs of Pics Sticks in 4×4 inches size (10×10 cms) selected in Instagram.  Stick are easely and fully removable according to the company. Stick everywhere your passion and messages!!!


BLURB.COM,Print books with your Instagram Pics.

Find all the tools you need to make your own photo book, whether you’re making a personalized wedding album, cookbook, baby book, travel photo book…


CANVASPOP, your Instagram pics printed in Canvas!

CanvasPop gives you gallery-quality photos on canvas, ready to brighten any room instantly! Canvas Pop is the first company to specialize in printing Instagram photos on canvas.


CASETIFY, Make your iPhone Case with your Instagram Photos.

Casetify (formerly Casetagram) Find all the tools you need to make your own photo book, whether you’re making a personalized wedding album, cookbook, baby book, travel photo book…


PRINTLAB,  Print Your Pics on a Tee Shirt!

Printlab (formerly HipstaMart) provides all kind of services around Digital and Analog supports for your Hipstamatic Pics! Check it out! It´s fun!


PRINTL an Instagram printing service that allows users to print their 10 most popular Instagram photos


inkifiINKIFI converts your Instagram photos into beautiful prints

Inkifi’s mission is to turn your super-cool Instagram photos into physical keep-sakes on a range of high quality products.  From gift cards, miniprints, fridge magnets, acrylic prisms to greeting cards and wood, Inkifi is an easy way to make your Instagram photos physical.  Bonus points for their super simple ordering system allowing you to acces your Instagram feed, select and easily print Instagram photos. They also have good worldwide shipping fees.  Two websites are available, one in English and the other in Spanish.



BACK TO PAPER (former INSTAGRAFIC) Print, save, share and enjoy your Instagram photos in beautiful Albums.

Download your back to paper iPhone App for free, then Choose 36 of your Instagram photos, Choose your album’s background and thread colour and will receive a cute Album in few days! Try it! it´s great!!!


INSTASHIRT, print your fav pics on T-shirt!

With InstaShirt you can have your Instagram photos printed on a shirt in a quick and easy way..



Picpack turns your Instagrams pics into high quality magnets.

Picpack is a personalized printing service that turns your Instagrams pictures into

high quality magnets. Do it yourself!


PrintUP-App_PhotosiPRINT UP, Print your Instagram Pics directly from an App.

This new iPhone app revolutionizes consumer behavior with regard to photo prints: just snap a photo, have fun by adding special effects and then print it!. All in just a few seconds, and while you’re still enjoying the experience.


POSTGRAM, create a Photo Album directly from your Iphone.

Postagram makes it easy to send a printed Instagram photo in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world.

Download Postagram in iTunes.


POSTGRAM, Convert your Instagram and Flickr feeds to a poster mosaic!

50 photos is all you need to get a personalized one-of-a-kind poster from Postrgram! Just loggin with your user name and what main shot you want. They will do the rest!


freephotoprintingFreephotoprinting, a nice UK photo printing comparison site finds all of these free print deals, checks them, negotiates the occasional exclusive photo printing offer and lists all the best places to get free prints right here.


STICKY9, (sticky gram), Turn your Instagram into fridge magnets!

Print your Instagram photos in magnets.



STITCHTAGRAM, Turn your Instagram Pics into Pillows!

Choose from your photos, your friends’ photos, and your favorite photos. Play around with our addicting layout tool to design the perfect pillow.


GLASS CAMERA PRO: Record your world through a glass screen!


There are many Apps out there that offer filters, but none like this one!  GlassCamera Pro is probably the first smart camera app for capturing photos and movies from special customized glass lenses.

GlassCamera Pro

Recent enhancements include:

– Camera gallery picture access, access your photos and transform them
– 720X1280 quality video creation
– 1:1 Instagram size video compression introduced 
– Save to video gallery and directly upload to Instagram

Get it here!


FLIPAGRAM turn Instagram photos into fun, captivating video slideshows

Flipagram App for iPhone turn Instagram photos into fun video slideshows to share with your friends and social network.

Download here Flipagram for your iPhone


REPOST APP for Instagram, Repost easily Pics on Instagramt.


Repost for Instagram makes it easy to #Repost your favorite photos on Instagram while giving credit to the original Instagramer. –

Download Repost for Instagram here.


TAGITBEST, allows you to look for the best tag for your pics


This App allows you to choose a picture from the saved photo album or take a new picture, crop it, tag it and then send it directly to the Instagram App. It also includes a number of settings that allow search results to be modified or for the tags to be copied and used elsewhere.

Download here TagitBest


TWEEGRAM, Make awesome your Instagram Thoughts!

Tweegram is the simplest way to render your favorite social networks awesome. Using Tweegram you will be able to transform your thoughts into wonderful images just by choosing the style that best matches your ideas. Write text on images and share them through main social networks!

Download here Tweegram App.


Tag for Likes App. 

TagsForLikes is a minimal site that aims to help IGers tag their pictures quicker and get more visibility. There is also an Android app and an iPhone one is currently in review. You can download it here!


Ecommerce and Instagram: Sell you stuff with the help of Instagram!


inselly_shop_instagramInselly, sell your personal belongings and art work allows you to sell your art work and personal stuff through Instagram.  It´s a place where you can explore everything that’s for sale on Instagram, sort the items, scroll through beautiful pictures, get inspired and maybe even spot something that you’d love to buy.




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