First #Ministory Short Film Contest on Instagram

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced the brand new "Cinema" tool that allows Instagram users to upload their videos.

Videos on Instagram have quickly become a new way to share Life, Experiences, but also a way to express Creativity and Originality.

Shorts are part of cinema, storytelling and culture. We invite you to show us the Film Maker that you hide inside; so prepare your camera, invent the scene, get your friends together and start rolling!

Be the next Best Film Director, Actor, Actress or Special Effects specialist on Instagram

15 seconds is a very short lapse of time,
but long enough to tell a great story!

  • Produce your #Ministory Short Film
  • Submit your short film tagging #Ministory


Our #Ministory Short Film Contest Team will award:

    Best Ministory Actor 2013 on Instagram 2013
    Best Ministory Actress 2013 on Instagram 2013
  • The winners of both awards will receive a GorillaPod

    Best Ministory and Film Director on Instagram 2013
    Best Special Effects Specialist 2013
  • The winners of both awards will receive an AbracadabrApp


2013 Mini Story Short Films Contest - Entry Guidelines

The Ministory Films are valued on their ability to communicate a story, we accept any theme.

Hashtag: #Ministory

Entry: From July 27th until September15th, 2013

  • Only entries submitted with #Ministory tag will be considered for competition.
  • All entries must be submitted through Instagram.
  • Ministory Short Film Contest is open for all themes and to instagram users of all countries.
  • Films must have been uploaded between August 1st, 2013, and September 15th, 2013.
  • The awards for "Best #Ministory Short Film and Film Director", "Best Actor", "Best Actress", "Best Special Effects Specialist" will be featured at website and at @Igers Instagram account and
  • To meet the criteria, the filmmakers must respect Instagram Terms and Conditions.
  • Participants must agree to the Terms & Conditions below.
Terms & Conditions