August 2011

Inkstagram Instagram available to Non-iPhone users.

Inkstagram makes Instagram photo feed available to Non-iPhone users. . As you may know, Instagram is right now available on Iphone only for very understandable reasons and it will remain the same probably during for a while. However, all over …

Win flights at MyGermany Contest

Win flights at MyGermany Contest! . Last month bmibaby and Igers Italia launched the bmibaby Instagram feed with a first contest called #miaitalia This competition which saw you submit over 3,000 images of Italy for Bmibaby crowd-sourced destination guide! . Last …

Jessica Zollman joins Instagram Team

Jessica Zollman joins Instagram Team. . Few weeks ago we forgot to inform you about this important scoop! And we are very so sorry about it!! In a mail @Josh told me they were expecting a new friend in the …

Instagramers in El Pais

Instagramers Network in El Pais. . As you may know, El Pais is the leading Spanish newspaper and the most read Spanish language newspaper all over the world. Last friday August, 26th, 2011,  we had the really good surprise to …

Infography and Facts about Instagram August 2011

Infography and Facts about Instagram August 2011. . Few weeks ago, an interesting and detailed work of compilation of Instagram Datas and information done by a blogger and Instagram user Gerardo Obieta aka @g_obieta in Instagram went like a blaze …

Download your Instagramers Wallpapers now

Download your Instagramers Wallpapers now! . Our oustanding designing team (that´s to say @elhombretecla : see here his profile) designed yesterday night a short serie of  Instagramers Wall Papers for your Iphone Desktop Background! . Choose one of the 3 …

Summer Activities in Instagram

Summer Activities in Instagram. . Some original stuffs tips within Instagramers Network and in IG to promote sharing, apps, friendship and your profiles in Instagram. . Most of the time, hashtags are the best way to discover a new contest, …

FocusOn Instagramers 1.23: ElhombreTecla

FocusOn Instagramers 1.23: @ElHombreTecla . Each week, Instagramers.com discovers new people. People addicted to Instagram revealing their lives, passions, tips in Instagram. This week we changed the rules. It´s summer and it is not an interview… It´s a surprise! And …

How to manage multiple Instagram Accounts

How to manage multiple Instagram Accounts? . During recent conversations I’ve had with various managers in charge of their different Local Instagramers Groups around the world, our friend Amy from @IgersOKC (check out the Oklahoma City group here) talked about …

How to reset your password in instagram

How to reset your password in instagram? . Lately I’ve been noticing an increase of beginner type questions about Instagram funtionalities on the blog. This is without a doubt a “sign” that demonstrates the massive increase of new members. For all …

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