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The power of the image: 5 didactic uses of Instagram

The power of the image We all know that an image is a terrific tool to support any kind of information because visual clues help us receive and remember better. The results of visual learning makes complete sense when you consider that our brain is basically an image...

Facebook and Instagram reign on Social Photography

We discussed several years ago in this blog, the reasons for the purchase of Instagram by Facebook and it became clear that for various reasons, photography and the future of social networks were closely linked. Not so long ago, we commented how Facebook without...


Enlight, a great photo edition app for iOS

In mobile photography photo editing is one of the most important factor. Many photo editing applications usually have a point where they are very good, but very few stand out as having several. A few days ago appeared on App Store an application that has managed to...

Five essential photo editing apps for Android

Five essential photo editing apps for Android     Although since the last version, Instagram incorporates great options to edit our pictures before uploading to social networking, many of us  know the importance of many other apps to get better photo...


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