Win a brand new iPhone 7 by taking part in our #UrbanPeek instagram competition

Now you can win a brand new iPhone 7 by taking part in our #UrbanPeek competition between the 8th and 22nd of November. . How to join the contest on Instagram?   Take a photo of your favourite city, building or urban infrastructures. Upload it to your Instagram account and remember the hashtag #UrbanPeek (you can also tag all your old photos if shared in 2016). Mention and follow @ferrovial account. . You could become one of our 50 finalists that will exhibited soon! And the best pic author will win an iPhone 7! . Keep an eye out from the 23rd of November as we will be announcing the finalists on our social media pages ,website and also send them a direct message on Instagram. . Don’t forget to follow Ferrovial on social media on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram!   CONTEST RULES “#URBANPEEK ” CONTEST ON INSTAGRAM   FERROVIAL, S.A., which has registered offices in calle Príncipe de Vergara 135, 28002, Madrid, and tax identification number A-81939209, and is registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume 12.774, folio 196, section 8, page M-204.873 (hereinafter, FERROVIAL or “the Organizer”), is organizing a free competition entitled “#UrbanPeek Contest ” (hereinafter, “the Contest”) on the Instagram social network, in which any natural person meeting the conditions set out in these rules may participate. These rules will be published on the company´s website, TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Any registered user of Instagram, aged 18 years and over, may participate in the Contest, from anywhere in the world. Participation in the Contest implies that the contestant has accepted the terms and conditions of this social media...

#123music, the new Instagramers Gallery contest

#123music, el nuevo concurso de la Instagramers Gallery
At the Telefonica Foundation you can now visit the 1, 2, 3,… ¡Grabando! (1, 2, 3…. Recording!) exhibition.
Following the line of this exhibition we are looking for images that reflect the world of music and recording. Let your imagination flow.


#PrimaveraPicglaze, el nuevo concurso de la Instagramers Gallery

Tenemos muchas ganas de Primavera y queremos adelantarla con este nuevo concurso de la Instagramers Gallery. En esta ocasión buscamos imágenes que reflejen esta alegre estación, sus flores y su luz. En esta ocasión, es un concurso en colaboración con Picglaze, por lo que entre las fotos seleccionadas se eligirá a un único ganador que recibirá un premio muy especial de Picglaze.


Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Joaquin Reixa aka @omglobalnews

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Joaquin Reixa from Madrid.

“I’m mostly know as Omai on the Internet, as a short name of my YouTube channel OMGlobalNews. I’m living in Madrid and I’m currently pretty involved in online marketing and branded content through my social media.”

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Romo Jack aka @ponypork

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Romo from Jakarta, Indonesia.

“My name is Romo Jack, I’m 22 years old, born, raised and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Let’s just say that I’m a creative worker, I love to combine technology with local tradition without disregarding the essence of that tradition. Because technology is a new part of life, but we should not forget about tradition.”

Meeting Instagramers Gallery artist Eliska Podzimkova aka @animateny

Today we are happy and honored to introduce you to Eliska from Czech Republic. “Hello or Ahoj how we say in the Czech Republic where I am from. I am 23 years old animator from little town near Prague, but I currently live between NYC and Prague. What do I do? Well, I am trying to live post graduate life in a way I like and do what I love. So I draw, I take pictures, animate, travel, cuddle my dog, snuggle with my girlfriend, discover new places and revisit the old ones. I am open to any cool projects what people offer me to work on and I am always open to travel anywhere.”

App Review: Noiseware – Noise Reduction

App Review: Noiseware – noise Reduction   Have you ever wished your mobile photos could be cleaner? If so,  Noiseware could be the app for you. It takes your grainy photos and gives them a more proffesional quality by de noising them. I put the app through its paces, by intentionally adding grain to an image, with the app PicFX, and then running it through Noiseware. Here’s what happened. . Before . After . The results are pretty astounding. And what’s great is, the app is really easy to use. simply upload an image and it works instantly, without the user having to do anything! There are a few different modes to choose from, which basically just vary the strength of the effect. The Night Shot feature will add a little brightness to really bring out the dark spots of an image. There’s also a custom feature, where the user can adjust the filter value and exposure. Right now Noiseware is only available for iPhone and iPad.   @kerry_fin  ...

Get excited, people.. Matter App is coming!

Get excited, people.. Matter App is coming!. Review by: @kerry_fin . . . . Ben Guerette and his team at Pixite have always been at the forefront when it comes to making ground breaking apps. . From the artful loveliness of Decosketch to the image blending wizardry of Union and everything in between, they have given the mobile creative and graphic design community some invaluable tools. Their newest app Matter is no exception. In fact it’s a serious game changer. . Matter allows the user to place 3D, mirrored objects into their photos. These primitive inspired, geometric shapes (some designed by the wonderfully talented @_syamilonfire_) will reflect parts of the photo, and can be placed, via use of in app masking, to appear, protruding from an ocean scene or wedged into desert sand. . . A really lovely touch and something that I personally struggled to execute satisfactorily in my images before this app came about, is the shadow feature. You can add a shadow to the ground in front of the object, which gives a realistic quality that makes this app outstanding. . .. But it doesn’t end there. Something we’ve rarely (if ever) seen in photo editing apps is video. That’s right. The shapes can be animated so they move around, and, again, with the use of masking, you can have them weave in and out behind trees or even in the palm of your hand. I can foresee this changing the way we, as mobile creatives, use Instagram. Matter makes video feel like the next logical step in our artistic evolution. . Watch the video here ....
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