App Shopper App helps you finding the best apps!


Last week I discover an Amazing App!


At the moment, it´s for me, the best tool to be informed about new release, upgradings, discounts around new Apps for Iphone.


App Shopper has definitely all the characteristics of a successful app. Easy and Fast!


As an Iphoner, I always get lost when I´m looking for a new app for makes pics or editing matters in Itunes.

Even if Apple launched recently a Photography Category list, App Shopper helps you to find through different ways, the Apps you need, the apps you were looking for!


You won´t need tips anymore! LoL.


You will find it easily in the AppStore but I let you here a screenshot of the logo and the link to download it directly to your computer.

Needless to explain you in a detailed tutorial this Iphone App.

It´s very easy and highly understandable. However I let you here the frames and explanation around its principal features and tools.

In the First Screen you will find a “popular” page where all “most popular” apps in Itunes are listed.



Create your own Buyer profile!


App Shopper allows you to create your own lists and keep them in mind and even create a Wish section.

You will only have to join by signing in App Shopper.


Another great trick is the Filter Tool.

.You can select for example the Photography Category and you will find only Photos Apps.

And choose then to filter by:

– Recently updated.

– New Releases.

– Discounts.

– Paying or Free.


The App Detailed frame.


Finally, you can have a detailed information of each App before to access directly to Itunes.


This Free App is really highly recommended for all users and most of all to those who want to find the App that fits to Instagramers needs.

Download App Shopper for your Iphone

Hope you find it useful!





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