Color grade your photos and videos in real-time with ColorTime2.0!


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On February 6th Jerome Dewhurst, who is a visual effects specialist and color scientist,  presented his major update to his iOS app ”Color Time”.   

ColorTime 2.0.1 now works in realtime with video content and offers a unique grade shuffle as well as the ability to save grades, shadows, midtones and highlights, shapes and cool gesture based grading controls, a bit like Snapsseed.


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It is a good App for anyone into mobile photography, you can create complex effects, adjust shadows mids and highs, saturation and contrast, yo can even add a new layer of correction.   The manipulation is precise, basically, you can really tweak your photos to a high standard.

It comes with a user manual, which is very helpful because it did take us some time to get used to the functions.  There is also this  video explaining some of the functions.  Jerome also informed us that a more complete user guide video would come out soon.

Have you used this App yet?  Did you find it easy to manipulate?  We would love to hear from you!



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