InstaLikes, a Fun App to get more Likes in Instagram


Alejandro Portela is “Serial App Developer”.

You probably already know his two previous apps called Emojizer and Symbolizer that helps you customize your Instagram or Twitter comments. Now you can try his last creation called InstaLikes App. Simply launch Instalikes, choose a “Like-Magnet” sticker for your next photo and see how your friends react…

Instalikes lets you:

– Add powerful call to action stickers to your photos.
– Easily increase engagement with your followers .
– Choose from an assortment of eye catching “Like-Magnets”.
– Write bold text captions that stand out below your photos.
– Open your photos directly on Instagram or save them to post later.


The InstaLikes App is free and you can download it here . Check the video of InstaLikes App here too.


Instalikes App – Get more Likes and Followers on Instagram from Alejandro Portela on Vimeo.



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