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Full Home Page_instawavesIf Twitter has its own trends and Trend Topics. Instagram has its Popular Page and that´s it. Needless to say that the meaning of popular page is not a perfect reflection of last trends on Instagram and nor an update of  “what´s going on” around the world.

Popular Page was “supposed” to be a place where best pics would be featured but its poor credibility and coherence in terms of selection carried Instagram Team to rename it as “Explore” page. After two years, Instagram is a powerful tool with millions of images uploaded each day and probably more than 120 million users and produce Waves of Information each day. We have even heard about Instagram as a new form of Photo Journalism and definitely, I´m sure it is.


However, it is still messy to find the pics or discover what´s trendy on Instagram. For this reason Instawaves launched this cool website.

“When there is a big event, such as a popular music show, a protest, a sports championship, a magazine launch, a press release, or even a special remembrance day somewhere around the world there is an Instagramer uploading live images. Such live images are unique since they are directly sourced from fans. The images instantly become a trend on social media sites such as twitter, facebook and google+.

InstaWaves identifies such image trends from around the world as it happens and brings to you live at our website” Says Randy and Zapumal, co founders of Instawaves.


With Instawaves, you can…

Explore the latest trending images and hash tags on Instagram easily.
– Get the latest calculated trends, updated every 10 minutes.
– View the trending images on without having to login with Instagram.
Interact with images by liking, commenting on them and following users as any other Instagram web viewer. (Login required)
Share the images, tags, users across facebook, twitter, goolge+, pinterest etc.


Instawaves is a cool service that will definitely help you!



More info at:

Facebook: and Instagram: @instawavesofficial and Twitter: @instawaves

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