PicPlz to shut down on July 3


iPhone and Android photo sharing app Picplz was one of Instagram’s main competitors. Born in 2010 (the same years as Instagram) the app was available in both Apple and Android operating systems for a long time and that was one of its main assets. It was the only real option for Android users looking for a mobile photo sharing app. 

At one point PicPlz was a threat to Instagram when it was starting up but it seems this mobile app didn’t quite have what it takes to really compete.  

If you use both Instagram and PicPlz, you have just one more month to enjoy its pleasures. In a blog post and email sent to users, the company behind the project  Mixed Media Labs announced the news.

On July 3, 2012, picplz will shut down permanently and all photos and data will be deleted. We have provided download links for existing users to save their photos. Thank you for your support of picplz and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Login before July 3, 2012 to download your photos.

On Saturday, Picplz was no longer available on the Apple App Store and in the words of the  “Highlander” movie,  so far as photo sharing is concerned, “There can be only one”.

This leaves us to wonder what will happen to Streamzoo and Eye´Em if their user growth isn’t fast enough?



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