The long way from Original Iphone to Iphone 4s.


As you may know, our beloved Instagram App is only available on Iphone devices at the moment. That makes Iphone owners more sensitive to Apple movements and to each single device improvements in the market. Yesterday a major and expected launching was finally announced by Apple. The next release of Iphone 4s.

And in the web the company proclaimed “its 8 megapixels and all-new optics, this just might be the best camera ever on a mobile phone!”

It´s probably true. Definitely great news for Instagramers and  Iphone Photographers like us!

Our friend from Xacata did a real great job here, working on this awesome infography resuming all the steps in the long way from the very original Iphone to Iphone 4S. Thanks to Applesfera too who provided then slight changes reflected here below. Here is the final results of this magnificent work of two of the main “techy” blogs in Spain. The infography of the Long Iphone Way.



Via  Xataca and Applesfera blogs.



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