A glance at Mexico through mobile photography


“Photos don’t capture memories only to be kept, but they are messages to be send and exchanged”

Joan Fontcuberta

In a fast pace world, marked by violence  and conflicts bombing the media and social networks, the spaces to share our positive vision of our surroundings are reduced.

The Mexico that I am, see and want is a mobile photography exposition assembled by Mexican users of the social network Instagram , made possible by a nacional iniciative by @igersmexico using the hash tag #mexigers_expo1 , with a singular purpose: to show a different view of Mexico , where beauty overcomes negativity.

The jury was Jose Hernandez Claire , Toni François and German Canseco , three outstanding national photographers , and were in charge of selecting the 120 images that are part of the expo, a demanding chore to select the winners from over 1.200 images submitted form different parts of the country.

The result is a colorful mosaic of history, smiles , moments and landscapes, showing the cultural treasure that Mexico has, a legacy of traditions that prevails in that decisive moment when the photographer capture a moment and shares it on the net.

The expo will be open to the public during the month of July in the Mexican Museum of Design (Museo Mexicano del Diseño, MUMEDI ) in Mexico City, hoping this facilitates the visit of those exhibiting their work from all over the country and furthermore attending to the expo in one of the largest cities in the world. The opening day will be Thursday, July 05.


More information here (spanish).


Translation : Eden M. Rodriguez / @atomex_nf

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