Casetagram, your Instagram pics printed on Iphone Case


Two weeks ago, I discovered Casetagram.  A new way to print your Instagram pics on your Iphone Case!  (unfortunately only available for iPhone 4 and 4s owners, sorry).  I ordered it and just received it today!

So easy and so fast.

– Pick up the best lay out (personnaly I love Le Corbusier style)

– Choose a random selection of pics from Instagram´s stream or your own pic´s choice.

–  Make your order and around 10 days after, you will receive your own Casetagram from Hong Kong!

Casetagram took care of small details  like the delivery box. A small cardboard box caring your Casetagram´s shipment all over the world. This iPhone Case has a very nice touch and impressive quality of impression.

The Casetagram is not cheap  – 34,95 euros including shipment – but it really worth it. It´s a great way to have your best pics in hand!

You can order it here at Casetagram Website



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