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On Instagram there are so many different  “topics”…From #Street Photography to #Nature, #Sunsets , Dogs…  (check it the most important tags in Instagram) that you may get lost among this infinite range of different “thematic areas”. One of this topic,  steadily growing up, is no doubt Fashion and all pics around Lifestyle.

You can find tons of users profiles showing how they go out in the morning, what they dress. From a single outfil to an original pair of shoes and every small accessories considered as a  “must have”.

But don´t think it´s only a question of Ladies. It’s not only a female prerogative. Men are “fashion victims” too on Instagram!

Today we interview @FashionOfTheDay , one of the last fashion account born in Instagram and we found it was interesting to give them a shout out.

@fashionoftheday was launched January 29th, 2012 and there is really no information about who created this account and who was behind this new project. Few days ago we discovered that the “father” of this account was one of our first Italian buddies, the local manIger from Instagramers Catania , Italia. A discret and great guy, fond of social media and communication. Rocco a.k.a @roccorossitto is also an active man in the  Instagramers network and behind @wordsarebubbles too.  Rocco kindly answered to my questions around his project.


So, first of all, why this mistery around @fashionoftheday. Why didn´t you inform you were behind this creative project?


Well, first of all, me and my friends of @wordarebubbles didn’t want to use the account of @fashionoftheday as a way to promote ourselves. We just focused on the Project as itself. That´s all. It was fine for us. The experience was much more important than the visibility this new account could gave us.


There are many “inspiration gallery” account around #Fashion on Instagram, what’s your main mark-up?


There is two important points.

First of all, we only publish pics that users share into Instagram. We don’t take photo from tumblr or internet. Many of these photos are self-portraits, others are taken with iphone or with android. That’s a really important issue for us. @fashionoftheday is a project born to spotlight fashionable people on Instagram.

The second thing is the quality of the pics. All the picture have of good quality, artistic and usually with a good light. Of course, the outfit shown are almost as much important as the quality of the pics.

We do think that who follow us will quicly understand our “vision”, our style. Even if, at the moment, we don’t publish any pics taken by us, we really believe that users can recognize our own #FashionOfTheday style.


How do you choose the pics?


We deeply check the tag #fashionoftheday every time we can, and also we surf around other fashion hashtags. We never check popular page or Vip users or stuff like this. We only focus on quality, no matter if you have 50 followers or 2500.


Did some people get annoyed by being featured at your @fashionoftheday stream once?


It happened only one time. A user kindly asked us to remove, his pic and we did it in less than one minute. For the rest of the 120 (and counting) pics the users have always being grateful with us. Of course we always mention in the really first comment the author of the photo. We don´t want to take benefit of others works.


What are the next steps for @fashionoftheday project?


Who knows? We’re working every single day in promoting our #fashionoftheday hashtag and our account. We are working on a future web project, but we cannot say nothing around it yet. It will be a surprise!

Just sign up at  and we have to manage our @fashionfriendly project that is more oriented on accessories like shoes, bags, t-shirt… Keep connected!


Let´s Instagram Fashion!


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