Focus On 1.88 Guilio Tolli aka @giuliotolli; the guy behind @gtjumps on Instagram


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Today we are very happy and honoured to introduce you to Guilio Tolli.  


Giulio, 24 years, Pescara, Italy.


In totally symbiosis with my smartphone.

In my life I have done very many different things, but I have a small “problem”….  I am a very dynamic person and often have to change my ambitions, since I would like to live as many experiences as possible.

I’m studying informatic engineering, but my passion is photography, I love to stop time and tell what I live through the pictures, I love to capture the particular in ordinary things.  I will spend my life trying to be more original and different from anyone else.”

Welcome to our Instagramers Focus On Guilio! 


You can find Guilio on:
Instagram:  @giuliotolli / @gtjumps
Twitter: @giuliotolli



Here we go!





You are: “Ciuffo, Giulio or better Gtjumps!”

You would like to be: simply myself, always, at every opportunity without being influenced by anyone.

Items you would take to a desert island:  wifi connection, mirror and my camera/smartphone.

What has been your most bizarre life experience: my life is full of bizarre experiences and every day something weird happens, haha, better not tell you.

Super power you would like to have:  read the minds of other people.

If you ruled the world:  I would try to bring happiness everywhere, a smile for me is one of the most important things.




In ‘real’ life

You love to: be myself, be with friends, to photograph, to amaze me and always be happy.

You can’t stand: boring people, unable to laugh and have fun with very little.

Your hobbies: sport, photography and of course…. jumping!

A trip you dream of: Africa, I’d like to live there the rest of my life.

A quote:  “If I can imagine it, it is possible!”

A wish:  I’d love to spend my life traveling and jumping around the world.

Someone you admire: my father, he’s the best man in the world.

What more must we know about you in one phrase:  It’s difficult to know me trough one or more phrases, the best way is to meet me in a near future so you can tell me yourself!




Your life on Instagram

Your Instagram birthday: April 3rd, 2012

iPhone, Android, DSLR: : Android

Did Instagram change your life:  oh yes, Instagram changed my life, it allowed me to meet new people, have many experiences and travel a lot.

Instagram for professional or personal use: only personal use.

Define your style in one word: jumper!

Daily time spent on Instagram: difficult question, maybe ten minutes every hour, depends on the notifications ahahah…

Favorite hashtag: #jumpotd

A favourite filter:  no filters, I use only VSCO Cam

A gadget: No gadgets




Pictures that made you laugh on Instagram: I love jump shots, I look at the jumps hashtag and all the pictures makes me happy.

Pictures that must be forbidden on Instagram: all pictures that suggest a bad behavior.

An improvement for Instagram: easy, multiaccounts.

Life without Instagram would be: too boring! Now I meet so many new people during instameets.

An Instagram user we cannot miss: I love @willowwonka and @perrycolante

Anything else?: Jump with me and tag #jumpwithgt!!





Describe your best picture on Instagram (see pic underneath). How did you take it, any interesting anecdote?:

This is my favorite jump.

Since I opened the account, this photo was the first photo that received sincere compliments from people completely unknown to me. To me it represents the essence of the #jumpstagram, it contains a perfect jump in beautiful surroundings and this is what I want to convey with my shots. Not just a easy jump, but a jump that describes a moment, a situation or like in this photo a particular place (Serra San Quirico).

Techniques and equipment used: The techniques are too easy, make a multishots with my smartphone, better if the shot is made from the ground, and choose the best jump.





Thank you for your contribution Giulio, it was great jumping with you (see pic underneath)!!!








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