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Instagram is a great creative field for talented people. helps you to discover, sometimes unkown, surprising users. People addicted to Instagram, telling about their lives, revealing their passions and sharing Instagram tips. @RodrigoRivasPH recommended us his stream and just few days after we discovered that Brock was featured on abcNews Website.

We found he has an amazingly creative stream and asked him to join our Focus on Guests list. Today we feature @BrockDavis  (see his stream here)


His name is Brock Davis…


Brock Davis Profile InstagramBrock is an artist living and working in Minneapolis. As you can imagine through his pics, Brock is a creative director and art director in advertising. He has worked in advertising about 17 years now. He also does quite a bit of editorial, photo illustration work for magazines.

Brock also designed and  launched its own line of tee shirts in Target Stores nationwide in the U.S.

“My work tends to be inspired by every day, ordinary things. I love breathing new life into the things that we are familiar with and that perhaps are no longer interesting to us visually. I like to try and extract the creative potential from every day things and make them interesting again. Most of my ideas come to me when I am doing something mundane, like mowing the lawn or brushing my teeth. When an idea hits me, I drop everything and make it immediately”.

He has been able to make a lot of interesting things for clients but his favorite creative work is the work he makes for himself, purely for the joy of making work.

“I love watching my children make art and it makes me think of myself when I was a child drawing pictures, making art and using my imagination. It is easy to lose that in life. My personal projects are a return to this approach and mind set.”


Curiosity is a big part of his creativity . Recently he has been making many pieces with his iPhone and uploading them to instagram.


The immediacy of the mobile photo works well with his process and embraces the spontaneity of the process. He can make ideas quickly and share them immediately. That´s what he loves of Instagram. He always loves to share his work with his family.

His wife and children are his biggest fans and inspiration. If he feels good about a piece of art, they usually feel good.

“I like when the feeling of the artist can resonate in the work and then to the viewer. Creativity is fun and try to have fun all the time. I am working on projects, both professional and personal all the time”.

Most of his current ideas can be seen in his Instagram feed and his tumblr page. Here below, find his interview and best pics. Thanks very much Brock, for your contribution to this website!


You are: Brock Davis

You would like to be: An owl, for a day or so, to see what it is like.

3 items to take to a desert island: Helicopter, How to Fly A Helicopter manual, mobile phone

What has been your most bizarre life experience: A ghostly voice whispered my name out loud when I was a child.

A super power would you like to have: The ability to make my kids laugh all the time.


In ‘real’ life


Happy alone (with Instagram), in love, married or it’s complicated: Married to @alynedavis

You love to: Create things

You can’t stand: Plagiarism.

Your hobbies: Playing music, making art, drawing, sports, photography, video games, movies, creating.

Some-one you admire: My wife.

What more must we know about you in one phrase: I’ve never really grown up.


Your life on Instagram


Your Instagram birthday: December 2, 2011

iPhone, Android, DSLR: iPhone 4 for Instagram. I also have a Nikon D3 that I use often for editorial assignments.

How did Instagram change your life: The immediacy of Instagram and mobile phone photography helps me make art the way I love to make art the most, spontaneously.

Instagram for professional or personal use: Primarily personal. Although, sometimes I will post up some professional pieces to show folks what I’ve been up to.

Define your style in one word: Original. If I had a second word… fun!

Daily time spent on Instagram: Maybe 20 minutes a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Favorite hashtag: #igers When I first started using Instagram, I would see the tag #igers all the time. I had to look it up to find out what it meant.

A filter: I don’t usually use filters, but when I do I use Valencia!

An App: I use VSCO cam and Snapseed all the time. My favorites.

A gadget: No gadgets. Although I did make a tripod for my iPhone using Legos.

Pictures that make you laugh on Instagram: Usually pictures that my close friends and family post up. Knowing people well and seeing the pictures they take, make their pictures even more interesting.

Pictures that must be forbidden on Instagram: I get tired of the clichés. Pictures of nail art, for example.

An improvement for Instagram: I like it the way it is.

Life without Instagram would be: A little bit more boring. Just a little.


Thank you very much Brock, Interesting to discover new creative and fun streams like yours!


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Cotton ball cloud
Brock Davis - Cotton Ball Cloud - Instagram
Cake Ramp
Brock Davis - cake Ramp - Instagram
Brock Davis Hike
This Fell From The Cheeseburger Tree
brock Davis - This Fell From The Cheeseburger Tree
The Gingershred Man
Brock Davis - The Gingershred Man
At Ease, Soldier
Brock Davis - At Ease, Soldier
Brock Davis - Dragon Fly - Instagram
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