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Here “most popular” or “number of followers” won’t be relevant at all. Just People with something in common. Their addiction to Instagram!

This week @Myriam40a

@Myriam40a is a young French woman.

With Italians origins she lives now for 7 years in France. She is thirty something and has two children.

What first my attention was her sympathy and the way she treated all her followers. As I always says Instagram is not only a place for impressive shots but also a place to meet nice people like her.

One day I contacted with her just to ask for an advice and she kindly spent more than one hour with me through “Pingchat”. She told me she was spending more time now taking care of her community than uploading her own pics.

I decided then she deserved to be the Instagramers FocusOn 1.0

When did you first join IG?

A day in November 2010, I felt a lil bored and decided to search for a new interesting app in the appstore. I first checked out the Top 25, as usual, and there it was, with its cute icon, calling me! “INSTAGRAM??

What the heck is this?? Since I’m always very interested in photo apps, I decided to give it a go and I really was very surprised to see how it captured my attention from the very first moment . I immediately got very addicted and 2 months later I’m still here!!

Why are you so addicted to IG?

I’m so addicted, because I really like the exchange we have with other IGers and because there are a lot of talented and nice people on IG.

Were you already found of photo before?

I was not really into taking photos, but more into editing them, but since I’m a IGer I really love to take photos now.

For you, which are the 3 best pics apps?

#1 Camera+

It’s the app I use the most, because it is very complete. You can take photos or import them from your library, you can crop them, flip them, adjust the colors with the several scene modes, wrap them up with stylish borders and, over all, I love the dozens of 1-touch special effects! It’s a must have app!!

#2 iDroste

There’s not very much to say about this app, but I love it, because it lets me transform very simple photos in very stylish pictures.

PD: I join here some of my iDroste pictures:

#3 ArtStudio

This app might seem a little complicated, but what I, personally, like the most with it, is the fact that it reminds me my computer editing program! The same as on my computer I can work with several layers, change the opacity of the different layers and change the blending mode as well!

I also use it to add text to my pictures, especially for my contest announcements and graphics. It’s a very usefull app that I’d recommend to all them who’d like to do more advanced photo editing or even drawings.

How long time do you spend a day in IG? Doing what?

I do check out my IG very regularly during the day, even when I’m busy, but I’d say I spend 3-4 hours a day to post pictures, read and reply comments, check out other IGer’s pictures and comment them.

I do also regularly run contests with my contest account @instatition and that takes a lot of time too.

How did you get so many followers in so little time?

I think it’s due to the fact that lot of my photos made it to the popular page. I notice there are a lot of new followers, everytime one of my pictures gets popular.

PD: Myriam40a has 2.042 at 29.10.2011

Which is your favorite pic?

I love many of my iDroste pics, but my absolute favorite is the one with the kiwi… I love the colors and the texture on this one!

Do your “non Instagramers” friends and family are bothered by your IG addiction?

Not really, but sometimes, when we’re outside, my son gets bothered, because I spend too many time snapping everything around

A funny anecdote in your short Instagramer life?

There surely is, but I can’t remember anything right now. I will certainly remember when it’s too late!

A trick you would recommend?

Maybe it’s not very original, but I’d say…don’t hesitate to apply several effects on one picture, before posting it to IG. A lot of my pics went through 3-4 apps, before they finally got posted.

Something you would say to a new user?

Do not focus on the number of followers you have or would like to have, but just have fun and you will see that the rest will follow automatically! Patience and perseverance are two very useful virtues in life, in general,  but on IG as well

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Thanks very much to @myriam40a that for me is a clear of example of great Community Manager.

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