FocusOn Instagramers 1.23: @ElHombreTecla


Each week, discovers new people. People addicted to Instagram revealing their lives, passions, tips in Instagram.

This week we changed the rules. It´s summer and it is not an interview… It´s a surprise!

And i´m sure it will be a good surprise for our guest Juan. I thought he  really deserved to be highlighted here.

Sometimes, you may have wondered who were the guys behind our website and developing Instagramers Network brand.  Here´s one of them! Juan is the guy with who I designed months ago, our genuine Instagramers logo in less than 10 minutes!

It was early in the morning and I was thinking about launching a Facebook Instagram Fan Page, a web with tips and interviews or maybe a local cities network?  So we decided to do all of them!

He is probably not a “top followed” man on IG (less than 200 followers)  but he is a really Multi-skilled and talented guy.


His name is Juan…


But in Instagram his followers  know him as @ElHombreTecla


Juan Delacruz a.k.a @ElHombreTecla is my beloved designer.

I met him three years ago when I started in a new job in a Tv Channels Production Company. They presented me this young trainee that was supposed to help me in redesigning all company websites with Antonio, together with Antonio my webmaster.

We started to work on several projects. Webs, iphone apps and all new interactive platforms that were appearing and surrounding us. Till now. Until the day, Instagram appeared in my life and directly in their too!



A very talented and discret guy!


Juan lives in Madrid. Although he is less than 30, he is really very skilled and talented guy.

He has followed Bellas Artes Studies in Madrid and has a great work done yet (visit his webpage here) but you will never hear him being pretentious. It´s one of the key of personal success.

If you meet him one day, you will see that he is a very kind guy always ready to give you a hand. At work, in your hobby or to have fun!

And IGurlz, he would have probably been the perfect boy friend for you if he had not such a sweet girl friend he does sometimes photograph or draw.

On the week end, Juan or @elhombretecla enjoys going out with her our sometimes has the “green light” to go and meet his boyfriends in a “Only man Beers and Football Party” .

Juan loves town atmosphere and groovy streets but fields and countryside too. He usually helps his father collecting grapes on summer to do his own family wine with his father..

NB: (beside a drawing of Juan himself when doing his Art Studies)



Painter, Designer but keen on Graffitis too!


Sometimes,  Juan joins his friend MajaraMajariego in a famous  “Grafitti Team” in Madrid.

They´ve already painted several public openspaces like parkings, hotels and many Madrid places you can see here.

This kind of graffitis are authorized ones and companies, shops or institutions call them to give life to till then “sad places”.

Curiously, IG has  definitely become a great way to “transport” all graffiti painters.

A way to spread their passion and art through pics and streams all over the world. A way to spread their creations mostly Local, urbans, full of meanings and “ephemeral” to all the planet…

Needless to say that #Graffiti is one the famous hashtags on Instagram and really this art is really present on our Instagram.


A “Double Blogger” with cheese, please.


Apart from all these creative passions, Juan has some more hobbies.

He likes to wear tight Tee Shirts even when it´s freezing. Designed tee shirts with original drawings or stuffs.

At work, you will find him early in the morning with a Vodka bottle on his table.. Full of water of course! But it called your attention. He uses Mac with an original Dark Vader from StarWars Sticker on it. He likes very much Food, Sport, Music, Party like all young people but he has many On-line passions.

First of all and important, he has a own blog. In it you can find reflections about new trends of design and communication plus day to day thoughts at elHombreTecla Blog.

And at work, apart from his design functions, he drives successfully a Urban Art and Trends called where you can find last trends from Hip Hop, or Street Art too interview with famous Spanish Rap Singers and groups.

Sometimes, I wonder where he finds time! Cuz at work and I´m his boss, I keep him always very busy!


Instagram in @elhombretecla´s life.


Unfortunately, like some of us had to front one day,  Juan suffered a terrible pain! A terrible affection! The lost of an Iphone!

He used to “Instagram” with his girlfriend device till the night she “lost” it in a party…  So Juan had to wait some months to get his own Iphone.

Until the day, an iphone 4 appeared and changed his life.

To define his IG Style, @elhombretecla is really is an eclectic user. Not focused at all in “Pops ranks”, he enjoys mostly to take pictures of his girlfriend, family and people, his turbulent cat and all kind of things surrounding him that catch his attention.

For me, he represents a mass of Instagramers that are not 100% fixed on “find the success on Instagram” but mostly look for expressing themself in another way.

As an anecdote, some months ago, we had the idea to create an hashtag called #backtofuture.

The idea was to take a picture of yesterday and front it to today´s one, with same people and situation.

Although we did´nt have time to promote and launch it properly. I think it´s still a good idea waiting in our “To do´s list”. (see example beside)


His fav Apps.


As almost all users Juan uses “classics apps”.

Camera+ , Hipstamatic and HdrPro of course but these last days, he is very addicted to a brand new app called “Photoforge2”

Photoforge is like a “mini-photoshop” in your Iphone and as a designer, that´s probably why he got nut when he used the app for the first time.

You can get Photoforge2 at AppleStore for 1,99 dolar.

In his stream you will see impressive portraits and pics of teeth, arms, hands that catch really your attention.

He promised me he would write a post about Photoforge one day… So, if interested, keep connected!!

(Juan´s aka @elhombretecla eye edited with Photoforge2 beside)


If you are interested more about @elhombretecla (i hope yes!) you can follow him of course or find more informations here below.

Thanks very much Juan and keep the good work!

Instagramers will appreciate it!



More about Juan at:

Instagram: @ElHombretecla Stream.


Twitter: @ElHombreTecla


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