Each week, Instagramers.com discovers new people.

This week we meet a very special user.

We discover the guy who launched the very first “Instagram” interface in the web. A project called Webstagram.

But who is the brain behind all this revolution? .


His name is Joe Mio.


He lives in Wakayama and he is 26 years old. This  japanese web engineer is the man behind @jmworks nick.

You probably heard about his sucessful project called Webstagram. Webstagram changed lives of thousand of Instagramers all over the world in just few weeks.

Joe is very interested in design, graphic art and medias. He follows all trends around communication supports and devices.

He also enjoys drinking good wine and food. That explains probably why you will see him posting pics of dishes he cooked very often. (which is, by the way, an usual Asiatic habit in Instagram)

Six years ago, Joe decided to launch with 3 other friends a start up company focused in providing web services. That´s the reason why during his very busy working daytime he´s mainly concentrated on developing websites for other companies using PHP programming.

On week end, his life speeds up even more as he works as a DJ in a club downtown.

I didn´t know him personally but it´s evident that Joe has a huge interest in community, helping, sharing ideas, making Instagram easier for all users and even make people have fun on its Saturday nights dance floors.

Despite his very busy life, Joe kindly accepted to be our weekly guest in Instagramers.com.


When did you first join IG? Was it love at first sight?

I think it was about 4 or 5 months ago. I downloaded the app and I found out many amazing photos on Popular Page.

I thought It would be great to add some of my pictures too.

Then, I discovered many different types of Iphone apps and all things I could do with them. I was astonished by the wide range of effects and filters available. That provoked my addiction to IG, I think.


What made you launch this amazing project?

As most of the users around the world, I was very annoyed by limitations of the app, I could not copy & paste the texts on IG etc…

I was working all the day on a PC so I decided to develop a global solution to make Igers accounts available on a PC.


How long time did you spend? Did it cost you a lot?

I spent a lot of time. A lot of time means really a lot.

I had yet my own site called jmworks.co.uk so I developed Webstagram service on same servers avoiding to have more costs to launch the service.

I had no interest in making money of this project and only hoped it would be a useful tool to help people.

I decided not to put any advertising on webstagram. I was just hoping people could enjoy much more their IG experiences with my Webstagram service.

Everytime an Instagramer leaves a comment on my photos like “Webstagram helps me a lot” I really do feel very happy!


Are you connected to Instagram Team headquarters?

I started first using an unofficial API. It was very useful and easy but didn´t guarantee the best service in terms of security.

That´s why Instagram decided to ban my web app. Some Webstagram users decided to initiate a protest in IG.

Instagram Team wasn’t providing an official API and I decided to contact directly Instagram Team. I asked them if there was a way to go on with my Webstagram project. Finally, Instagram Team kindly invited me to use as a “beta tester” the official version of Instagram API. Fortunately and thanks to this decision, I could keep Webstagram running until now.


How many Instagramers tried Webstagram service yet?

I don´t know exactly. Google Analytics says more than 80.000 Instagramers tried Webstagram´s service yet! And I think it´s more than I could dream of when I launched it.


A funny anecdote around this project?

Any in particular so far.. sorry!

Just people greetings that makes me feel happy all day long and improve the web on and on.


What´s are you future plans?

I think it be much would easier if Instagram Team decides to provide their own web interface and it may be probably soon.

Users need web tools and it´s clear  that Instagram Team could do it internally. If Instagram does´nt show any interest inthe future, in offering this integrated web service, I will probably develop more features.


In your opinion what make us all so addicted to IG?

Really what impacts me first were the amazing photo effects, then the ‘social-graph’ and the “real time” photo sharing.


Which is your favorite pic?

It´s difficult to chose just one. There is many pics I love. I let you some here.


Were you already found of photography before?

I used to make pics with SMENA 8M or VQ-1005, 1015 series and I loved to use cheap toy cameras.

I´m a Flickr user for a long time but Instagram can be used more often during the day.

Everywhere at any time of the day and night. It also easier to post a comment or to give a like.

I think that´s why Instagram App is so highly addictive.


Which are your “favs” 3 best pics apps for Iphone?


I Love its effects and lovely interface! I bought all effect packs available.

The square format pic is also a plus and helps you in view to upload it to IG.


This app has been created by a Japanese super app developer called Takayuki Fukatsu.

I love his great interface design and great filter range. Really useful and easy to use.


It automatically corrects your food image definition. Mainly Brightness, color, exposure and textures that makes pics have delicious taste!

When I shoot food pics, I always use this app. However I think they should improve the Interface.


Something you would say to a new user?

Take Pics, Upload them, Share your Likes, Leave a lot of Comments, Then Eat, Sleep, Take Pics, Upload them… And use Webstagram if you need to!


Thanks very much to Joe (user) @jmworks .


I think it would be interesting for all users to discover this guy. Hope you enjoyed it as much as me!


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