Instagrafic, Get easily your 36 Fav Instagram Pics in a Smart Album


Instagram has already achieved 100 million users all over the world, and every day the number of pictures shared by this app increases intensively. Today, we introduce something new: Instagrafic.

instagrafic is an app that allows to turn your best 36 photos into an album in a few and easy steps.

You can download instaGrafic here and it is free!

With this album 2.0 you can choose your fav pictures that are floating in the cloud and bring them down to earth in awesome albums. instaGrafic allows us to design photo album by only a click, without complex steps and long edition tasks.

Just pick the pics you want to print in your own album, choose the background’s colour and the bookbinding sewing’s and send your order. In just few days you will receive your new original album.

The result is amazing: A cute album, made with the highest quality paper and a modern design, with a cotton rope in its spine that allows to hang it around.

instaGrafic is free and available here in iTunes.


The price of the album is 14€ (with a special and promotional discount with shipping costs included).

Don´t hesitate, order your instagrafic Album now!




More information:

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See video demo here:






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