Use Hashtags in Instagram!

In my recent post “how to boost your profile” I mentioned the importance of detailed Titles and comments in your pics.

It was more than likely that Instagram Founding Team would solve the problem of finding contents easily through the app and would promote soon virality and transversal usability through the app to the users.

Hashtags are today most known way to link contents in a platform and Twitter was the first platform to really promote it.

Today the IG team finally announced in his blog the big new. “Introducing Hashtags in Instagram

As a bonus, IG team says every hashtag now has an RSS Feed associated with it which makes it easy to subscribe to new photos.

If you’re interested, simply point your favorite feed reader to:[hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss (where [hashtag name] is the name of the hashtag without the leading #) This will allow event organizers or anyone with a feed reader to follow along with live photos as they’re added.

Use Hashtags and you will have more possibilities to be seen and be visited!!!

More info Here in Instagram Blog.


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