@destroyandrebuildnyc, the artist that cant stop getting himself noticed…even in Instagram.


@destroyandrebuildnyc_com is his suggestive Instagram pseudonym.

And yes…it’s destroy and rebuild New York.


At a first glance, one might think that Instagram is only for photography lovers, but in reality it’s full of enthusiasts; people who feel passion about the things they do, the way they live, in short, their “Art”, and want to show it off to the whole world, in the most ample and general sense of the word.


Little by little you start discovering people and artists that reveal their work to us.

It’s been a while now, I think since I first started using Instagram, that I’ve been following @destroyandrebuildnyc_com, mostly because I love what he does. He seems to upload his pictures on IG in the most unpretentious manner possible. It’s as if through his comments and filter less pictures he was trying to say: “What you see is what you get”


This New York artist has dedicated many years to his work which is clearly reivindicative, urban and architectural.

His work is expressive, his paintings scream. He has travelled all over the world and he’s exhibited in some of the best galleries in the world. Naturally, he has a website, a Facebook profile, a Twitter and Instagram account. I love it!

Some artists remain holed in their workshops, but others, as clearly is the case here, on top of mastering the canvas and brushes like no one else can, use Internet to promote their work.


“Localist”art is dead, welcome to the new global reality where influences come from all over and where everyone can make his little mark and influence others. S

ocial networks are slowly starting to be used in this way by artists all over the world. Instagram is clearly a perfect match for this type of promotional effort.

Pictures, flashes, impacts,  all presented with personal comments. What a great way to win over a following for your art. Generating expectations and keeping up to date with the latest trends are the new creativity sources.


I would like to welcome all 2.0 artists that have dared to make the jump from the traditional art galleries to the Internet to promote their work.


Clara Montesinos IG user: @claramon works as Brand Strategy consultant in her own company.

She will be publishing regular posts about Marketing and Social Media best practices in Instagramers.com.

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