Instagramers Gallery Madrid Opening – First Instagramers Gallery in Europe!

Instagramers Gallery born in Madrid, thanks to Fundación Telefónica‘s commitment to social art.


Great opening Party (See pictures here)


Opening_party_instagramers_gallery_madrid“We wanted to invest in social art without sacrificing our technological identity,” says Almudena Bermejo, director of Espacio Fundación Telefónica which occupies the first four floors of the skyscraper which served as the company’s headquarters until recently.


“It’s an exhibition that reflects the possibilities technology has to offer the world of photography and its dissemination in social networks. We’ve opened Fundación Telefónica – a space which has welcomed artists such as Chema Madoz, Joan Fontcuberta and Vik Muniz – to these new artists.”


As in the previous project – Instagramers Gallery of Miami – The project will be technically coordinated by @PhilGonzalez and Jorge Martinez, the promoters and founders of Instagramers Gallery.


Jorge Martinez and Phil Gonzalez say their project “began with the goal of becoming the largest virtual gallery of mobile photography and potentially an important exhibition space for thousands of talented mobile photographers. Fundación Telefónica today allows us to go one step further by opening the first gallery in Madrid. It is an honor for us to receive your support in our global project, Instagramers Gallery”.


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opening_instagramers_gallery_mad‘Instagramers Gallery’ opens with an exposition of more than 500 photographs divided into three parts:


1) An international expo: The Instagramers Gallery Team represents five continents and a range of styles through 234 works by 27 photographers from 18 countries.


Meet them here.


@thomas_k (Germany)  

@le_blanc (Germany)  

@Wlad (Brazil)

@cirkeline (Denmark)

@joseluisbarcia (Spain)

@misshedwig (Spain)

@PhilGonzalez (Spain)

@oliviermorisse (France)  

@timbrado (France)

@macenzo (Netherlands)

@giariv (Italy)

@hirozzzz (Japan)

@hnato_nf (Mex)

@riamolde (Norway)

@gmateus (Portugal)

@bossthefrenchbulldog (Sweden)

@etna_11 (Sweden)

@garethpon (South Africa)

@grether (USA)

@hons24 (USA)

@ifitwags (Canada)

@jasonmpeterson (USA)

@takinyerphoto (USA)

@katia_mi (Russia)

@kitkat_ch (Switzerland)

@mrwhisper (UK)

@sejkko (Venezuela)


opening_instagramers_madrid2) Madrid seen by Madrid´s Instagramers:

A themed collection that shows the social art emerging from the streets of Madrid through a tour of more than 200 photographs. This section will be renewed monthly.


3) A selection of 66 photos of the winners of the first edition of the Instagramers Photo Prize:

The most lucrative photographic competition ever where users can win $100,000 for their work.


Andrés Pérez Perruca, head of programming at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, says ‘Instagramers Gallery Madrid’ “is so alive and fits well with the content we have in other rooms. It offers a way for users to interact by mixing online and offline, tapping into the beating pulse of Instagram that can be felt in big events happening today.”


‘Instagramers Gallery Madrid’ will feature debates, conferences and meetings focused on the phenomenon of mobile photography, its ability to promote a love of photography and tell stories like never before.




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