Instameet Band Party Brasilia


2011 was a wonderful year!


Brasilia’s Igers lived intensely all the pleasures of Instagram, this wonderful network.

We made new friends, close and far from home, and reunited with long lost old friends, nurturing strong relationships.

We took part of all kinds of challenges and contests, everything about ‘click’, ‘edit’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ photos.
Instameets all over the city, outdoor and indoor (even in a studio).  We exchanged tips, we learned a lot, and teached too!

Couples appeared here and there, friends reunited, shameless drunknesses was celebrated, and so many sunsets were posted to account for those wonderfull days!


Sooooooo……. To celebrate this new stage in our lives….



A party organized and decorated by Igers, with a band formed by Igers musicians and singers! All of us!

#InstameetBandParty will be our celebration for this year, and the desire of a 2012 even better!

Peace and love! And much more good photos and moments to share!

More  information at Instagramers Brasilia fanpage


The instameetbandparty in Brasília city.

Image by @lucianocrisp
Translation by @olhar
Text by @heloisapr


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