iPhone5 made for Instagram?


It seems Mobile Photography is definitely one of the best “assets” for Apple and most of the Smart Phones Manufacturers. It´s also the results of these last years increasing of Mobile Photography, Photo-Sharing App and Social Networks (mostly Instagram ) booming.

Here some details that will change some Instagram/Apple Iphone users lives in the next few months!


Photo credit:  live coverage from TheVerge.com


Digital Cameras most important assets are usually  weight,  size of the screen and of course the lens and image resolution. iPhone5 is definitely focusing on a future user interested by Mobile Photography and Photo-sharing social network. Here some details reported from today´s announcement in San Francisco.


– New iPhone is 18% thinner than iPhone 4S. (7,6 mm)

– 20% lighter than the 4S. (112 grams)

– Retina display, 326 PPI.

– New screen  is a 4 inch display.

– 1136 x 640 screen resolution.

– 16:9 aspect ratio

– Wider Screen allows 5th row of icons (interesting for the number of editing apps we use)

– Ultrafast Wireless Tech. New Wi-Fi, 2.4ghz and 5ghz

– 2x faster CPU, 2 X Faster Graphics.

– Camera with 8 Mega Pixel Sensor.

– 3264 x 2448. 

– Back Side illumination

– Hybrid IR Filters and Five Element Lens (suppose to improve pics quality a lot)

– Dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal. (renowned for being hard and crystal clear)

– Better low light performance!!!

– This is 40% faster on photo capture!!!!

– Availability of Panoramic Pics (that will be difficult to handle in our squared format in deed lol)

– Incredible: You can take photos while shooting video.


You can read PetalPixel comparison of iPhone5 and iPhone4s of sample photos shots too.


We are really amazed by the new iPhone 5 features! Will probably be a “Must Have” in next Christmas Gifts List!!



All the detail in this amazing live coverage by The Verge.com

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