Participate to our StreetStyle photography contest! Your picture could be exhibited at MADRIDFOTO International Contemporary Photography ArtFair and win a camera “Canon Eos 7D with zoom EF-S 18-135MM F/3,5-5,6 IS”.



Aristocrazy’s objective is that its fashion Street Style spirit reflected in the advertising campaigns created by The Sartorialist extends to the arts. For this reason we have created a contest together with MADRIDFOTO and Instagramers.com.


Participate in our Street style photography contest!

Who´s behind the contest?


Aristocrazy is a trendy jewelry brand positioned in the affordable luxury sector. “Jewel power for freedom people”

MADRIDFOTO, is an Unique International Contemporary Photography Fair in Spain.

Instagramers.com is the ultimate blog on Instagram, the application that revolutionized Photography on mobile phones. Over 2 millions of users registered in this new social web since its creation 4 months ago.


How can I submit my pics?


– Choose and upload your best street style fashion shots.

– Get inspired by Aristocrazy’s ad campaigns and surprise us with your pics of people who best represent “street style” fashionista!

– Post them to your profile with the hashtag #madridfotocontest.

Instagram will be the main platform together with Facebook to upload your pictures on the event walls of Aristocrazy and MadridFoto Fair .

– Your pictures will be taken automatically into account for the contest.

– Watch here all the pics posted on the MadridFotoContest.


Timing of the Contest:


– The contest will take place from April 12 until April 24. You will be able to upload your pictures on both platforms, Instagram and Facebook.

Thursday April 28, a short list will be published with the 30 finalists on Aristrocrazy, MADRIDFOTO and Instagramers.com Facebook pages.

Tuesday May 3, the winner will be published on Aristrocrazy, MADRIDFOTO and Instagramers.com Facebook pages.

Thursday May 5, the Contemporary Photography fair MADRIDFOTO will inaugurate at Ifema/Pavilion 5, in Madrid. The 30 finalists including the winner will be presented in a space decorated by Lázaro Rosa Violán, interior designer of Aristocrazy. The exhibition will last from 5 to 8 of May 2011.

The winner:


The winner will be awarded with: a Camera Canon Eos 7D with a zoom EF-S 18-135MM F/3,5-5,6 IS.

Moreover, all photographers selected as finalists will be given a free entry pass to MADRIDFOTO International Contemporary Photography Fair (1 per person).

The award event:


An event will celebrate the award on Friday May 6 at 7.30pm, at MADRIDFOTO art fair (Madrid/Ifema/Pavillion 5). In case the winner could not attend the act, he/she will be nominated and the prize will be sent to his address (worldwide) the second week of May.

PHOTO ALBUM: Check here the Pics elected as finalist (28 april, 2011)

The Jury:

Giulietta Speranza. Artistic Director of MADRIDFOTO
Emiliano Suarez. Marketing Director of Aristocrazy/Suarez
Philippe González. Editor of www.instagramers.com



As it is the case in a contest, the selection will depend on the jury’s subjective criteria and on the adequation to the subject proposed.


—- Unlimited number of pics per person/ IG account. Available  Worldwide.

—-Only original pictures will be taken into account (photoshop and edition tools are allowed). If a picture is suspected to have been taken out of internet or copied from another source, it will be eliminated immediately from the contest and its user bloqued.

—-We keep the right to eliminate any picture considered violent or that could hurt sensitivities.


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