My InstaStory App, Short Stories made of Instagram Pics.


I always loved telling stories. Instagram tells itself tons of stories each days. I remember when I created the username @ministory and I launched a tag called #Ministory that pretended to show “Ministories” made of Instagram Pics… I didnt really have time to boost it but the topic still interests me. Last week, I heard about a very interesting app. My InstaStory App


InstaStory, An App that helps you creating Stories with your Instagram Pics.

What a better name for an App that helps “Story Telling” through Instagram Pics?


With My InstaStory App, IGERs can create their own short personal clips or #instastories from their photos and share them with the Instagram community as well as facebook, twitter and email etc…

You can match your Instagram photos with music of your choice, add different transition effects, titles and texts, and create a short clip which brings out the story behind the images.

In the two weeks first week, thousands of “instastories” have already been shared by IGers, capturing interesting and personal moments with pictures of children, places, friends, pets, sports and music events – many themes that users found exciting and worthy of sharing, beyond the single photos.


My InstaStory means 40 seconds shorts stories.


My InstaStory is limited to a 40 seconds stories  so you may chose very well your fav pics. I think it´s a good idea as it´s easier to see shortest videos on mobile and tablets than in Tv, most of all when you acceed to the content through a link in Twitter.

My Instastory is available for download from Itunes now .






What is The Story of My InstaSTory.

At we are always interested by the people behind the projects. And we asked them to explain us their own story.

It seems that My InstaStory concept comes from Patrick Sebag´s brain. Patrick is renowned video and music producer and owner of the music label “Tesha Studio” .

One day, he was celebrating his first year of using Instagram, and he was seeking new ways to put together some of his Instagram photos and display them to the sound of his favorite music.

After failing to find an easy tool to do that right on his iPhone, he contacted his friends Dror Davidoff and Emil Alon, both successful Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs, and together they built a small professional team that rapidly developed this clever application.

( On the right side, the founding members of My InstaStory, from leftto right:  Dror Davidoff, Patrick Sebag ( @patricimo in IG), Roei Wochinsky and Emil Alon )

Probably just the short beginning of a very long story!!

You can follow My InstaStory on Instagram: @my_instastory

Remember you can download the app here.




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