My World Shared exhibition 21-23 October 2011


Last weekend, crowds packed out East Gallery in London for the London Instagramers’ first ever photograph exhibition.


Over the three days of the exhibition, more than 1,000 people passed through the gallery doors, to see the photos and meet the people, and to interact with this new form of entailment. Instagramers and non-Instagramers alike hailed the event a triumph, thanks to the photos and the hard work, the buzzing atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, and a lively curiosity about Instagram itself, which has been described as “a new entertainment platform”.


Check here A selection of Instagram photos from the @IGersLondon photography exhibition at East Gallery, Brick Lane.


The collaborative project was co-ordinated by @miss_jess and @chelseadebs, with considerable assistance from @davechapman, @mahadewa and @dutchie68.


For many visitors to the gallery, Instagram was already a part of their lives; for others, it was something they’d heard about from their friends or on other social networks. Many people passing through the vibrant Brick Lane area of London just dropped in to see what the fuss was about, but everybody seemed curious about the concept of an iPhone app in an art gallery, and they seemed impressed with the results.  People travelled from far and wide: from Dublin, Turkey, Barcelona, and Moscow, to name a few!


Each of the 28 exhibitors were allocated roughly 1 metre of gallery space to present themselves through their work: to share their world as they share it through Instagram.

The beauty and appeal of the exhibition was that no two exhibitors’ work were alike. Each had their own style of images and their own unique style of presentation, from an interactive installation of images and sticky notes to a decorated football jersey, images fixed directly to the walls and more traditional framed images.


The Saturday was dedicated to a large Instameet, where over 50 fellow Instagramers met to put faces to the names and join in the fun.  It was great to see the reactions of Instagramers who, after many months of friendship and following on Instagram, led to hugs and smiles at meeting in real life for the first time.


Instagramers from around the world could also follow the event through the #myworldshared live hashtag, the images of which were also streamed live on ipads displayed on the gallery wall.


The event was supported by a dedicated web site and competitions on Instagram held in the run up to the exhibition were supported by StickyGram, MOO.COM. iStabilizer,, Olloclip, Keepsy, Instagoodies and VNA magazine


The event was sponsored by @therabbitagency @vnamagazine, and and a commemorative book of the event is also available through


The @IgersLondon Team


See here A selection of Instagram photos from the exhibition at East Gallery, Brick Lane.


Check The large coverage of the event in blog and press!




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