New Olloclip Telephoto Lens and Macro 3-IN-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

These days, guys of @Olloclip team, have showed the new lenses (Telephoto and Macro Lens  )

The new Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarizing lens (CPL) for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus features a fixed 2x magnification optical lens, perfect for capturing a crisp photo or video at half of the effective distance.  In addition to getting twice as close to a subject, the lens provides a more creative depth of field so selective focus can be used to make the subjects stand out distinctly from their backgrounds (especially useful when the background is cluttered or distracting), making it ideal for portrait photography.

Included with the olloclip Telephoto lens is a Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL), which neutralizes reflections and light coming in at user-adjustable angles, making colors truer to life and reducing glare.  The Circular Polarizing Lens can also be used directly on the iPhone camera or on the olloclip 4-IN-1 lens system with fisheye or wide-angle lenses.

In adition, new Olloclip Macro 3-IN-1 lens offers superior-quality macro (close-up) photography with the iPhone 6/6 Plus.  Functioning similar to a digital microscope, take advantage of three different lenses options (21x, 14x and 7x macro magnification).  Get more than 80x magnification when combined with iPhone’s digital zoom to document the details of objects like fabric, flowers and even skin.

Simply choose the level of magnification and achieve beautiful macro photos with greater depth of field, nicely diffused light and less pincushion distortion.  The Instafocus hoods are specially designed to diffuse the light and facilitate focusing, like training wheels for the macro lens, to get the perfect shot every time.

More things to improve your pictures !!! and if you need more info visit Olloclip website team


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