Phil González & Marta Alonso Instagram and Brands Workshop at 4YFN


Instagram, an opportunity for a brand to communicate through photography and social networking

During the 4yfn event, founders of Instagramers and Instagramers Barcelona will share their experience and best practices around Instagram and Marketing.


Marta Alonso - Phil Gonzalez Instagramers

Marta Alonso – Phil Gonzalez Instagramers

Philippe González (@philgonzalez) worked several years in the automotive sector until, step by step, participating in projects and mobile startups, he focused his career towards the online world.
Since 2008, he is the New Media Manager at Chello Multicanal, the leading paid TV broadcaster in Spain and Portugal. He is also behind of the app “Canal Cocina”, the most downloaded app about cooking in Spanish language in the world.

In late 2010, Philippe decided to help the fans of Instagram to enjoy more this app. He launched a blog called targeted the Instagram users. Today Instagramers has over 350 groups “IGers” or “Instagramers ” in over 60 countries and over 100 million tagged photos.

Marta Alonso has been a key point for Instagramers. Nowadays, she is one of the highest specialists in conceptualization of campaigns. Marta combines her passion for social networking and the Instagramers project with her job of Digital Responsible of the company Edelman in Spain. Edelman is the largest communication agency and PR in the world.


When?  February 25th from 15:00 to 16:30 at the Workshop dome 1.  Check out the workshop outline here.


The workshop topics.


What is Instagram? How did it begin? What is the key of its success?

Instagramers is an online community from Spain to the world, which advices companies from all over the world.

How to implement a strategy using Instagram for your company and how to integrate it with other social networks?

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to find out more about marketing strategies using Instagram and compare it with international success cases.

At the same time, it is also important to analyse how did the campaign worked through statistics tools.

But Instagram is also for having fun, so at the end of the Workshop will be the best moment to learn some of the best practices to enjoy it.


We hope to see you at 4yfn in Barcelona (during the next Worldwide Mobile Congress)

You  will be able to follow  the event on Twitter at @4YFN_MWC and hashtag #4YFN.



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