The Beginners lens interviews Richard Gray @rugfoot


Some of you may know yet The Beginners Lens and we’ve just come across their talk show.

We thought you might enjoy it, so we’ll be featuring the next few episodes. Here is the fourth episode of Phoneographers Talk, the Internet Talk show from the Beginners Lens!

In this fourth episode, Guy Yang interviews Richard Gray also know as @Rugfoot (see his recent interview at who is the guy who launched the first college level iPhoneography class in London, UK.

In the process, they discuss a rather controversial topic, particularly controversial for younger phoneographers.

If you want to see previous episodes, you can do so here:

We will feature more interviews related to Instagram users and iPhoneographers as we are pleased to announce will be featured as partner for upcoming episodes too. Stay tuned!






More info about The Beginners Lens here and more of their interviews here




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