FlashOn 1.0: Pic “Railway Station” by @iphonequeen



She is a very kind american woman named Jane Jones. She is thirty something, with 3 children.

The firsts time I saw a pic of her works (I don´t remember very well how but i think it was through Most Pop).

I contacted with her and she kindly gave me advice of which apps to use and how to do it. It was just a month ago but it seems it was years!!!

Recently she launched #allaboutme, an original hashtag list where users can explain simply who they are.

Railway Station:

This picture was posted mid january 2011 and was the first picture that impressed me in my short IG Life. Jane told me she used  Camera+ App with special effects. Hdr and depth of field.

It´s part of my motivation to launch this blog Instagramers.com as a place to give advices and news around Instagram application.

@iphonequeen is on Twitter too: @j4nejones


Thanks Jane!

@philgonzalez (instagramers.com)

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