In previous FlashOn, we discovered two wonderful pics by  @iphonequeen and @minibox edited with simple techniques through Iphone Apps.

In this week´s pic, we chose another kind of photography. A pic catching a moment, a pic expressing a good work is definitely not only a question of technique. A goodpic is also a question of sensibility and ability to catch special moments. This “Cuban boy” is a proof of it.


Paolo Castellaneta is a “30 something” Italian man.


He lives in his beautiful country, Italy.

Italy is probably one of the best known European countries all over the world. Art, History, Good wine and Food. Love and Romanticism of its towns, Beauty of its landscape… (and I forget voluntarily the national sport!! Football)

Paul shares two works. As an art director for an advertising agency and as professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design (I.E.D).

Paul isn’t a professional photographer.  He is only a “curious person” he says. Through his works, he learnt to appreciate the details.

“When everyone looks in one direction, I watch and photograph the other way”. He loves to take pics of people, different faces, different situations…

All those simple things that express the soul of someone, of a place, of a moment.

PAULaroid (for friends) recently published many pics of one his trips in another beautiful country called Cuba.

I invite you to discover his @paul1978 stream.

Hope you will like it as much as I do.


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